Slimming World weigh in – the one with the expensive NSV…

weekly weigh in

This weigh in is actually a whole week late, and is going live only a few hours before I get weighed again! Half term has set me right back, but better late than never, hey?!

After my last weigh in I was a bit gutted after having a maintain as I’d been on plan after my gain the week before, and I thought I might have managed to pull something back. I went away from group with best intentions to be on plan again but it didn’t really go so well, and went downhill pretty much straight away.

I was feeling quite low and all I wanted to do really was eat rubbish food. Which I did. Then we went away overnight at the beginning of half term, which also happened to be the day before weigh in. So I was just hoping for the best, and not too much of a gain.

Needless to say, I barely have any meals to share this week. But I do have these…


As I said earlier, I was just hoping for the best this week. I thought I would have gained maybe 4 or 5lbs; the scales showed a 2lb gain. So it wasn’t actually as bad as I expected!

Slimming World weigh in. two pounds on equals three stone seven and a half pounds total

That said, as mentioned in my post title, I did have a NSV; albeit an expensive one! I had to get my wedding rings resized as they were just falling off and I had taken to wearing them on a chain around my neck, but my finger felt naked so I raided the piggy bank. They had to be sized down by 4 sizes! But at least they are safe on my finger now.

My head has been a bit more back in it this week, so I will hopefully have an update with a loss next time!

My stats for this week

  • starting weight – 13st 4.5lb
  • previous weight – 9st 9lb
  • current weight – 9st 11lb
  • loss this week – 2lb GAIN
  • loss so far – 3st 7.5lb
  • Club 10 target weight – 11st 13.5lb
  • final target weight – 9st 6lb

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