Doing the Bacofoil Baco-Shake!

How many times have you roasted vegetables in the oven and they’ve stuck to the tray? Cooked chips and you lose half of most of them because they’ve stuck down? Baked fish fingers and the coating gets left behind when you try to remove them? I often have this problem and it’s a little bit annoying because I love my food, so obviously I want every single last morsel off that tray! Not to mention the fact that those bits that stick, are hard to remove when washing too and you need to give the tray a good scrub! Well, I may have the perfect answer for you – by doing the Bacofoil Baco-Shake! Read more

Panasonic Slow Juicer | First Impressions

Panasonic slow juicer first impressions

I have loved testing out some great products from the Panasonic Kitchen over the last few months; the latest one I have been trying out is the Panasonic Slow Juicer. A juicer is something I have always fancied trying out; I love the fact that it leaves you with a super smooth juice but still contains all the nutrition from fruit & vegetables. There are so many combinations to try too; pure fruit juice, pure vegetable juice, or a mix of fruit & veg. The juice world is your oyster!

For rich-tasting highly nutritious juices..
You get rich, smooth juice filled with nutrition. You can also use the Frozen Attachment to make healthy desserts.

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Panasonic Gourmet Processor | First Impressions

Panasonic Precision Gourmet Processor - First Impressions

Recently I was sent the third product to try out as part of my Panasonic Kitchen ambassadorship; the Gourmet Processor. I do already own a food processor, but just a bog standard one with a few different blade attachments; nothing like this one.

Introducing the Precision Gourmet Processor, the latest all-in-one convenience. Japanese glass touch programme interface technology offers easy and elegant operation when preparing food in a variety of ways, ensuring your fresh ingredients become spectacular meals, every time.

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Panasonic High Power Blender | First Impressions

Panasonic high power blender - first impressions

You may remember a few months ago I announced that I was a Panasonic Kitchen ambassador for the coming year. The first product I reviewed  was the Panasonic Steam Combi Oven. I also shared this coconut coffee triple layer cake that I baked in it.

The latest product I have received from the Panasonic kitchen is the High Power Blender MX-ZX1800SXC – which also boasts the functions of a food processor!

Feed your culinary imagination with the High Power Blender, the latest in fresh food preparation and kitchen convenience. Boasting a wide range of programmes and easy-to-use features, the blender transforms fresh and healthy ingredients into nutritious food and tasty beverages for gourmet meals.

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Panasonic Steam Combi Oven | First impressions

Panasonic Steam Combi Oven - First Impressions

If you have been over on my Facebook page recently then you may have seen that I am an ambassador for Panasonic Kitchen for the coming year. This means I will be sharing some fantastic new products with you, my thoughts on them, and of course a recipe or two for each product.

I am so excited to share with you my first impressions on the first product I have been sent to try out from the Panasonic kitchen – the Panasonic Steam Combi NN-CS894.

The new Panasonic Steam Combi is a revolution for your kitchen, combining the power to steam, grill, bake and microwave your food simply. By retaining the vitamins in your food it also keeps your dishes healthier and tastier. And being quick to use leaves you more time to show off your new found culinary talents.

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