MOR premium sausages | Review

Review - MOR sausages

Sausages. I lose count of the amount of sausages we go through every month; especially the boys, they eat so many! The sausage hunt on Slimming World is a whole other story, as a really tasty juicy sausage will cost a lot of syns. If I want a bog standard sausage I will probably just use SW (or dare I say it, Weight Watchers) ones, but I don’t mind spending my syns on a more premium sausage sometimes.

The lovely people at MOR recently sent us some of their premium sausages to sample. Because they’re packed with nutritional veg they are also lower in fat – always a bonus on Slimming World!

MOR are everything you love about traditional sausages, but certainly not what you’d expect. By blending high-quality British meat with nutritious vegetables, fragrant herbs, and delicate spices, we’ve created sausages with unforgettable flavours inspired by foods from all over the world.
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June Degustabox | Subscription Box Review

Review - June Degustabox (BBQ box)

As always, I was looking forward to Degustabox delivery day; I love the element of surprise, finding out what food delights I’m going to get sample every month! The June Degustabox was along the theme of BBQ, and there were certainly some products in there that matched this perfectly.

  • Enjoy 10 to 15 surprise products, many are completely new to the market!
  • Receive your Degustabox every month filled with goodies.
  • All for much less than you would pay in the shops!

So what was inside the June Degustabox?

June Degustabox contents

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6 Santorini Attractions for Families

Photo by Aidan Meyer on Unsplash

Santorini is an island in Greece that has its own mystery and charm. The island is known as the “crown jewel of Greece”, and features numerous waterfalls, beaches and breath-taking architecture. The island is the preferred choice amongst honeymooners and families alike. Furthermore, it is also the most popular tourist destination in Greece.

The island has several unique and amazing geographical traits that separate it from other islands. The island was formed as a result of multiple volcanic explosions taking place over the course of time. Thereby, Santorini is a mystical wonderland that boasts stunning ocean views, mesmerising volcanic rocks and miraculous steep cliffs.

Santorini has a lot to offer to tourists, making it perfect for your next family vacation. Here are a few Santorini attractions for families that you certainly shouldn’t miss.

Reserve A Private Tour

If you are heading towards Santorini in a cruise ship, then you can book a private shore excursion for you and your family. In order to get most out of your trip to Santorini, you can opt for custom tours that are tailored according to your interests. This way, you will get to explore all the bounties of Santorini with convenience.

If you book a tour with a travel company in Santorini, a travel guide will escort you to your chosen destinations. Such packages can be customised as per the duration of your trip and offer great value for money. To avoid any inconvenience, you should always pre-book your private tour before reaching your destination.

Stay in a Villa

The villas in Santorini are extremely beautiful and offer great luxury. Luxury villas offer numerous facilities such as an indoor pool, multiple spacious rooms, mesmerising interior and exterior, a private kitchen and close access to the beach. This makes them the perfect holiday accommodation for families.

In order to truly experience the magic of Greece, booking a villa is the best option. Most villas feature a balcony that offers breath-taking views. Furthermore, they offer great value for money since more people can be accommodated without compromising on your privacy.

Anais villa

Many travellers consider villas in Santorini the best accommodation due to the comfort and convenience they offer, as well as the large amount of privacy you have without having to stay in a five-star hotel. If a Santorini villa sounds idyllic to you, you can take a close look by browsing these Santorini villas by BlueVillasCollection which are extremely popular amongst tourists.

Explore Oia

If you associate Santorini with blue shutters and whitewashed houses, then you are picturing the beautiful village of Oia. The village is located at the North-West edge of the Caldera.

Oia basically features cave houses and small squares that are beautifully renovated along with a narrow maze of streets. Initially, the village used to accommodate mostly seamen, but now thousands of tourists spend their vacation in Oia because of its beautiful views. The iconic landscape makes it ideal for all the memories that you would want to preserve in photographs.

Oia, Santorini

Photo by Hello Lightbulb on Unsplash

Register For a Wine Tour

Santorini has a close affiliation with the history of wine and viticulture in Greece. The island produces the best Assyrtiko grapes in huge quantities. Since the Roman era, Greece has been known for producing some of the best wines. Some wineries also allow you to brew your own wine, making your vacation a memorable experience.

When you book a wine tour, you will experience plenty of red, white and rose wine samplings from some of the best wineries in Santorini. There are numerous vineyards in the region offering the finest selection of wines.

Have Dinner in Ammoudi Port

If you have been researching Greece, you might have noticed that the country is all about good food. The restaurants in Ammoudi Port offer the best seafood meze platters which are a treat for your palette. Enjoy a stunning sunset at the Ammoudi Port while savouring the delectable cuisine. Don’t forget to make reservations prior to your visit if you wish to get a water front table.

Ammoudi Taverna

If you want to enjoy a casual meal, then bars closest to the beaches prepare some of the best Greek delicacies. Sipping the wine, eating delicious gyro and enjoying the scenic views is what a Santorini holiday is all about.

Sail Across the Ocean

The best way to experience Santorini is from the water. If you plan to experience true luxury, book a catamaran and embark on a mystical experience. If you are traveling in a group, you could also split the costs, making it a budget friendly experience.

A sailing tour will allow you to explore private beaches, rock formations and scenic views of the caldera. If you are interested in swimming, then you can opt for a quick dip in the sea, while the crew prepares an exquisite seafood lunch for you. All of this is part of your sailing tour, making it a must-experience adventure.

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Butternut squash & tuna pasta bake | Recipe (Slimming World friendly)

Butternut squash and tuna pasta bake

We get through an awful lot of pasta in our house; partly due to the fact that it’s a free food on Slimming World (dried pasta, anyway), and also it’s one of the boys’ favourites! A pasta bake is always a great idea; you’re able to just throw everything in and have a family dining experience with it. Take the dish to the table, and let everybody tuck in!

Tinned tuna is really quick and easy to add to a pasta bake, and as strange as butternut squash sounds to accompany it, it’s really quite nice! I use sour cream in this tuna pasta bake to make it a bit creamier, but you could make it syn free by using Quark or the like instead.

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Our June favourites | Racing, snails, horses, and waffles

Our June favourites

July already – so we’re over half way through the year now, crazy stuff! I’ve been a bit slacking on the blog front recently; I just haven’t really been in the zone as my mind has been on other things, then last week Jacob was home from school with chickenpox so I couldn’t work like I usually do when both boys aren’t here. I’m just hoping Noah skips them – no sign of any so far, so fingers crossed.

Both boys break up for the summer next week anyway, meaning I won’t be able to work during the day at all. So I know what my evenings will be taken up with!
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Everyday I’m wafflin’! At Kaspa’s Leeds | Review

Kaspa's Leeds

Waffles. Crepes. Sundaes. Shakes. Cakes. Drooling yet? I certainly was when I was invited to the opening of a brand new Kaspa’s, in The Core Shopping Centre in Leeds city centre. The Leeds branch is the third to open in the Yorkshire region and is located in a prime position in the food court. When you’ve had a hard day shopping, you need a treat, right?

Kaspa's shirts

Kaspa’s are a chain of exciting new dessert houses that offer the world’s favourite hot and cold desserts under one roof. Our emphasis is on high quality desserts, good customer service and an overall amazing dining experience for our customers.
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20 facts about me | Stacey in the Sticks

20 facts about me

Why do people like reading blogs? Admit it, one reason is because we are nosy, isn’t it? We like to delve into other people’s lives, find out what makes them tick. I don’t share as much of mine and my family’s lives as I used to before I changed blog direction, but I still have that little voice in my head that tells me to sometimes. That’s where posts like this come into it!

I was recently tagged by Rachel at Coffee, Cake, Kids to share 20 random facts about me. At first I thought, well I’m not sure if I can think of that many as I think I’m pretty boring, but let’s see! Read more

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Keeping my Focus in check

Keeping my Focus in check

It’s the time of the year where I’ve had to renew my car insurance and road tax for the first time, which means it’s just over a year since I purchased my first car. Though I don’t think I revealed her name so drumroll please…. Frances the Focus – Fanny for short! Since I passed my driving test in October we’ve been on a lot of journeys; the freedom has been amazing and I really do wish I’d done it sooner. Although The Husband has driven longer distances when we’ve been on mini road trips as I’m not that brave yet! I should get around to it really… In a couple of months though, Fanny will be going on her first longer journey when we go on our annual family holiday to Norfolk. Read more

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Salted caramel pistachio millionaire’s shortbread | We Bake with Dr Oetker

Salted caramel pistachio millionaires shortbread recipe

Yes, this one is a bit of a mouthful – in more ways than one! But, it’s a delicious one. Millionaire’s shortbread is one of my favourite naughty traybakes, and I love anything that contains salted caramel. I’ve previously made this seasonal with mini eggs at Easter; this time I wanted to make it a bit more different, so I added some pistachios. I used some Dr Oetker products for this which cuts the work down a bit, but the end result is still super tasty. Finished off with a spray of gold, it makes the perfect afternoon tea treat!
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