Our October favourites | a birthday, a book signing, and Halloween

Our October favourites - a birthday, a book signing, and Halloween

I really can’t believe it’s halfway through November already; it’ll be December before we know it! And then in the next monthly update I can mention the C word 😉 It seems ages since I wrote our September favourites. Before writing this post I was thinking that we didn’t really do much in October; but looking back through photos for our favourites, I realised we actually did have quite a busy month!

At the beginning of October it was my birthday, and I had a multi author signing that I attended the day after. Then at the end of the month it was half term and we were quite busy having lots of fun; including crafting, soft play, a train ride for a visit to COSMO, autumn walks, and dressing up!
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The Olive Oil Buyers Guide | with Jamie’s Italian

The Olive Oil Buyers Guide

Many people I know love using olive oil for dipping bread, perhaps with a bit of balsamic vinegar to make it sweeter. Myself, I’m not so keen unless it’s a flavoured one; I am partial to a chilli one. I’ve been known to have some bread and oil samples at the supermarket – I can’t help myself with a freebie. 😉

If it came as part of a meal in a restaurant I would have it; but I wouldn’t normally buy it just for that purpose at home. I do always have some in my cupboard for cooking with from time to time. Although, I never really think about what type I’m buying; I usually just buy whatever is on offer!

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In the animal zone at Amazona | Review

Amazona review

Whenever we go on holiday, I always make sure we have a visit to somewhere that includes animals. When we went to Norfolk back in August I wanted to go somewhere we hadn’t been before, and we were given the chance to visit Amazona Zoo. The boys have never actually visited a zoo before, other than Jacob when he was six months old so doesn’t really remember. Therefore I thought this would be a lovely day out for them.

Amazona Zoo in Cromer, Norfolk, is one of the county’s most unique and fun days out where families can discover South American wildlife. The zoo is home to over 200 tropical animals including jaguars, monkeys, snakes, flamingos and tapirs.

It is committed to helping visitors discover nature and provide education on conservation issues.
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Alternative Christmas Party Ideas

Alternative Christmas Party Ideas


It’s almost Christmas party season, and you’ll have probably spent many an evening already searching for the perfect festive outfit for the night. If you were going to organise a Christmas party for your friends and family too, you might have missed the boat on bookings for most hotels, restaurants and venues. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t still have an amazing party at home with these unique and fun ideas. Read more

Fruit filled choc topped flapjack | Recipe

Fruit filled choc topped flapjack

If I had to tell you one of my favourite traybakes to both make and eat, it would be flapjack. It’s so easy to put together; it’s just the waiting for it to bake and cool that’s the hard bit! Other than eating the end product, scraping out the syrupy pan is my second favourite part. And don’t forget the smell. Oh who am I kidding – I love it all.

Give me any flavour of flapjack, and I’ll eat it. Plain flapjack, full of fruit. No topping, and thick topping. I don’t care. Just give it to me. This version is packed full of dried fruit; you can use anything that you have in your cupboard really. I find it a great recipe to use up those few bits and pieces left at the bottom of the packet. The thick layer of chocolate on the top makes it more indulgent.

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