Tips on How to Boost Your Immunity When Working From Home

From the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic, many people have been secured in their homes and have been stepping out only to get the needed supplies for their homes. But, as more people find themselves working from home, it has been more common for them to question their work situations. Tales have it that staying indoors for too long can affect your immune system.

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Boosting your Immunity While Working from Home

Pets, kids, and partners track all kinds of bacteria into your home every day, therefore exposing you to the external world, even if you are staying at home for work. Besides, poor diet, lack of exercise, eye issues, dehydration, and vitamin D deficiency all compromise your immunity. However, here are some ways to stay healthy while working from home:

Drink plenty of fluids

Consuming enough fluids can support your whole-body functions include the immune system. So, when working, ensure that you keep a bottle of water with you at all times. Also, you can have a meat delivery and make soups and broth and enjoy the warm fluids throughout the week. Alternatively, you can take herbal tea every day.

Don’t forget to limit the amount of sugar content if you will be consuming juice. Too much added sugar can strain your immune system.

Get enough sleep

You might not be working late at the office anymore. However, you will still need to get the recommended hours of sleep every day. Enough sleep is essential for healthy brain functioning, and it helps you reboot the brain cells, improve your moods, and guarantee ideal cognitive function.

Ensure that you have a good night’s sleep by prioritizing a good sleep routine, for example, avoiding electronic devices and avoiding caffeinated drinks before bedtime.


Regular exercise helps lower your risk of developing diseases like diabetes, obesity and heart illnesses, and bacterial and viral infections. According to various studies, regular exercise triggers the production of endorphins, which are hormones that reduce pain and make you happy. This then makes exercising an excellent way to manage and reduce stress levels.

Exercising outside is best; however, if you cannot make it outside or don’t have enough time, many free online workouts can help you exercise from the comfort of your own home. Don’t overexert by doing endurance training when you feel down. You will only end up harming your immunity.

Eat more vegetables

Consume leafy greens like spinach, kales, and collards, cruciferous vegetables like cauliflower, broccoli, and brussels sprout. Also, include fruits in your diet. Vegetables and fruits are packed with vitamins C, A, and phytonutrients that help boost your immunity.

Lower your stress levels

Working from home, especially if you have kids, can be very challenging. When faced with a stressful situation, your body tends to releases the hormone cortisol. Cortisol can benefit your body because it prevents the immune system from reacting before the stressful event is over. However, when at high levels, this hormone can entirely block your immune system from responding to any possible harms like germs and viruses.

So, try finding various ways to unwind and lower your stress levels. You can do so by meditating, controlled breathing, personal reflection, and exercise.


Having a positive mindset is crucial for better health and general well-being. While there are many advantages of working from home, your health can be compromised if you are not careful. It is, therefore, crucial to follow these tips to stay happy and healthy. Also, protect your back and improve your productivity by getting an ergonomic chair.

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