What’s on your biscuit table? | A Slimming World printable

What's on your biscuit table Slimming World syn values printable

One snack that is really popular in our house is a biscuit, and since I started Slimming World I haven’t eaten them like I used to. Well, unless I’ve been having a particularly bad week that is and I delve into the biscuit barrel… I know I can make Slimming World friendly biscuits but sometimes I just can’t beat the taste of a custard cream. Or a bourbon. A Hobnob maybe. Or, well, any biscuit really, for that matter…

We always have a variety of biscuits in our biscuit barrel and as they are all a different amount of syns I am always having to check on the app how many syns they are. I decided to do some research around Slimming World followers favourite biscuits and make this handy little Slimming World printable chart that you can print out and stick on your fridge, or cupboard, or wherever.

Biscuit table

Obviously there isn’t every single type of biscuit on there, but I’ve tried to put the most popular on it. I have also left some space for you to add your own if it’s not on there already 🙂 Hopefully it will be a handy little chart for you biscuit lovers! (Syn values often change so if you want to protect your weight loss, double check on the app or website first).

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Is your favourite biscuit on the table? If not, what is it? Do let me know if you use the printable and if it helps 🙂

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12 thoughts on “What’s on your biscuit table? | A Slimming World printable

    1. Without looking at the calories I’d probably say the same as a custard cream, so 3 syns, but to protect your weight loss I would go with the same as a bourbon, so 3.5 syns. Hope that helps.

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