Tips for a Comfortable Road Trip with the Family

Going off on a road trip with the family can be a great experience. You get to do new things together and explore new locations, and it can be a great bonding experience for you all as well. But you also need to be careful because when planned poorly, road trips can go wrong. We’re going to talk today about how you can make sure yours goes smoothly and comfortably for everyone involved. Read more

The 3 Top Spanish Islands for Luxury Holidays in the Post-Pandemic World

We’ve all missed holidays and being able to pamper ourselves and enjoy some sun, haven’t we? The stress of the pandemic period and spending so much time indoors has led to everyone dreaming about getting a break from the grey and wet British weather and a holiday in the sun. Enjoying luxurious holidays with your close ones in a stunning location with sunsets, excellent food, and a well-appointed villa with sea views sounds like paradise and a great antidote for the pandemic period we have all gone through. Read more

Why Travel Is Great For Your Health

With the coronavirus pandemic encroaching on our freedoms, we can feel a little isolated. While we understand the need to remain socially distant, stay at home, and wash our hands, we can still feel the itchy feet feelings of wanderlust. Not being able to travel and see the world can make us depressed. However, everything we are going through now is temporary. The world will open up again and we can utilise this time to plan our next big travel adventure in 2021. Planning your trip can help you to focus on something positive that you can look forward to. Travelling really is good for your health. Read on to find out why. Read more

What You Learn About Britain When You Spend A Week In The Scottish Highlands

The British Isles are surprisingly conducive to human civilisation. The majority of the land area of the southern portion of the country is flat and rich in nutrients – perfect for cultivation. There are no volcanoes, plate tectonics, or other dangerous geological features. And we benefit from the Gulf Stream, giving us mild summers and mild winters (even though it might not seem like it sometimes). Britain is a green and verdant land – and pretty dull for the most part. 

What You Learn About Britain When You Spend A Week In The Scottish HighlandsPixabay – CC0 License

But if you venture further north, you find something totally different. The country we know of provincial towns and a Wilkos on every corner gives way to wilderness, the likes of which is unrivalled anywhere else in the world.  Read more