How to Create a Bedroom That Aids Rest

Your bedroom should be a space that aids rest and allows you to sleep easy all night long. If you’ve been having sleep issues or you just don’t feel able to relax when you go to bed, that might be because your bedroom is not set up in the right way. We’re going to talk today about how you can create a bedroom that truly aids rest and allows you to get a good night’s sleep. Read more

5 Ways To Up Your Home’s Security

If you’re going to enjoy all the fun and comforts that having a home can bring, then it’s important that you feel safe and secure when you’re there. While the likelihood of your home being targeted by criminals is minimal, it’s not as if the threat is zero — and depending on where you live, the threat might be much more than zero. As such, it’s important that you’re taking the time to ensure that your home’s security is watertight. Ultimately, it’ll lead to greater peace of mind, both when you’re in your property and when you’re elsewhere.

wooden welcome sign on a white door, 5 Ways To Up Your Home’s SecurityPexels – CC0 Licence Read more

8 Things You Wish People Had Told You About Getting An Extension

At some point in your life, you and your family will either need to move home or extend your existing one, especially if you have a lot of kids. 

8 Things You Wish People Had Told You About Getting An Extension; clipboard, pencil, and toolsPexels – CC0 License

While a lot of people move, many want to stay in the same place for as long as they possibly can, perhaps because they’re close to friends or schools. And that means that they often have to add new rooms to their house to accommodate everyone. 

But carrying out extensions is never easy. In fact, they can be a massive challenge.  Read more

8 Reasons You Should Buy And Fix-Up An Older Home

The help to buy scheme has played a significant part in encouraging housing developers to create new homes and buyers to invest in them.  

Redrow, Persimmon, and Barratts homes are just a few of many well-known housing developers designing and building houses across the UK. 

Now, there are multiple benefits when buying a new home. Such as you sometimes get to choose the design of the kitchen, and you may be able to haggle in new carpets and appliances too. 

But the question still lies whether an fixer upper and old home is just as beneficial to buy, if not better than a new build. Yes, there may be work to do on the house like a satellite dish repair, or the walls might need plastering. But still, the cost of an old home and repairs together, can be much more financially beneficial. Read more

Creating Farmhouse Chic With Your Interior

There is something so chic and cosy about farmhouse style interior design. It almost feels like it’s a throwback to a simpler time when all you could do was bake and feed your chickens. However, there is a lot to farmhouse style that is savvy, and smart. It is about utility, as well as beauty. 

And if you quite often visit TikTok, you’ll know the cottagecore is an entire mood too. You can flow between the two with ease. 

kitchen shelf packed with old farmhouse kitchen utensils, Creating Farmhouse Chic With Your InteriorPhoto by William on Unsplash Read more