Easy Tips To Keep Your Home Clear Of Germs

The key to having a healthy, welcoming home is to make sure it’s clean and tidy. It can take a considerable amount of effort to maintain and keep your house clean, however, it has its own advantages and perks. You want to keep your house looking and smelling fresh in order to keep it running well and free of germs or bacteria. 

Easy Tips To Keep Your Home Clear Of Germs, kitchenPhoto by Skitterphoto from Pexels Read more

Finding Inspiration For Your Vintage Interior

We all have our own styles we want to see throughout our homes. Some of us are into the contemporary side of things, with plenty of light shades on the wall and clear space around the floor. Some of us turn to the mid century for a comforting look, with bright couches to sit on and perfectly varnished wood coffee tables to rest a crossword book on. And some of us like the vintage side of things. We like to look around the room and see 70s retro, or a throwback to the 1950s. It’s just how we like to live; a bit of aged decor here and there and we feel right at home.  Read more

Giving Your Living Area A Much Needed Makeover

The living area of our home is generally the room we occupy the most. The living space tends to undergo the most abuse, typically as it sees the most footfall. 

There will undoubtedly come a time when you look at your living room and decide it’s time for a complete makeover. Let’s take a look at a few small things you can do to your living area that will inject a brand new lease of life into it. Read more