Who Said Garden Time Was Over?

The back-to-school season is by far the saddest thing that happens during the year. Not only because it marks the official end of the summer holidays — if you’ve missed it, the summer has also ended since September, 23rd – but for a lot of families, it’s also the end of outdoor activities. It’s as if there were some implicit rule that stated that once the kids are back to school, you can’t have a fun time in the garden anymore. Don’t deny it! There’s a natural sense of cold and sadness that grabs you when the school term starts again. Immediately, the mind assumes it’s already time for winter, and your mood is affected. Read more

Financial matters in relationships

When The Husband & I met we were both working, but I was only 18 (he was 26) and I was off to Uni a few months later. So, we didn’t really discuss money. We both had our own, but he bought me things, and I bought him things. In those early days, we had no debts. But as the months went on and he liked treating me because I was a (poor) student living away from home, things slowly started getting harder. And then when I left Uni and we moved in together properly, it spiralled more than it should have done. Read more

Getting Prepared For Autumn

Getting Prepared For Autumn

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We’ve had a sizzling summer, and whilst summer is not technically over, it does appear to be drawing to a close with the nights slowly starting to draw in and the clouds taking place of what was once a scorching hot sun.

We still have the Bank Holiday weekend to look forward to, but this marks the wrapping up of the summer holidays, and shortly the kids will be back to school.

In fact, there’s a Stereophonics songs that sums up the feeling of this time of year, as the leaves begin to fall and there’s a certain buzz in the air amongst children as the school year begins, conkers begin to fall, and we look forward to the cosy celebrations of Halloween and Bonfire Night. Read more

Our 2018 summer bucket list

Summer bucket list

You may have seen the cheesy meme going around recently; you know the one, where we only get 18 precious summers with our children so we must make the most of them. That’s all well and good, and to an extent I agree. But sometimes, just sometimes; we may have had enough, want a break, want to pull our hair out; just want them back at school! And that’s fine, too.

I’m not going to lie, I really struggled with them last summer. We were going through a really difficult time with Jacob and his behavioural issues, which made it hard for me mentally, wanting to take them both out on my own all of the time. Other than going away during the last week of summer, I’m going to admit that we probably had quite a boring six weeks. That’s why this year, we’ve made a bucket list! Read more

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I’m not going to lie; I’m not one to strictly limit tablet screen time with the boys. If I want a lie in, I’ll use it; if I need a break, I’ll use it; if they ask to watch whilst eating lunch, I’ll usually let them. (As long as we’re not sitting as a family – they’re not allowed their tablet then). They don’t watch television as much as they used to, and if they do then it’s usually a chill out time with us.

Since we’ve been living in the countryside they play outside a lot more than they used to. Before that, we had a communal concrete yard so it wasn’t that great for them. But now we have three different areas in which they can play, and we often go for walks along the river bank. There’s a certain place along there, that they pretend is a boat and they are fishermen!  Read more