Let’s Talk About The Afternoon Tea

Do you remember when you were a child, and your mum or your grandparents would plan an afternoon out, and they would take you to the tea shop? Cream teas with sweet jam and thick clotted cream were the best Sunday snack! If you were going out for a posh brunch, nothing would replace the excitement of the lovely tiered plates covered in cakes and sandwiches. But then you grew up, and suddenly you came to realise that afternoon teas suck a little. Read more

Review Top Passive Income Online Business Opportunities

Money making

Passive income is becoming a trend nowadays. For an opportunity to make extra income, is passive income worth trying? In this article, we review Top Passive Income Online Business Opportunities.

What is Passive Income?
Passive income is making money without requiring or exerting much effort. Commonly associated with “making money while you sleep” since it does not need attention at most times. Usually, passive income starts by investing time and/or money. Some passive income requires you to do one thing for one time and then it reaps in money without your need of doing it again. Read more

5 tips for the perfect welcome email

Email marketing is something that every business, large or small, no matter the business, could benefit from. It’s a great way to keep in touch with your customers and subscribers and keep them coming back, but only if you use it in the correct way and start off on a good footing. The first email you send to a new customer could just be the most important; it will help them decide if they want to stay on your list or not.  Read more