How To Give Memorable Gifts To Loved Ones For Their Birthday

The Christmas countdown has already begun. Card shops have their festive greeting cards on display. Supermarkets are filling their shelves with sharing tins of chocolate, and garden centres are setting up their winter wonderlands.

Whilst many prepare for Christmas, many of us have loved ones celebrating birthdays in the months, weeks and days before the festive day. As such, our attention is focused on providing them with the best gift.

Giving a gift can be exciting. However, it most certainly is challenging to find a memorable gift. Despite knowing the recipient’s taste like the back of your hand, it can feel like an impossible mission to find a gift that perfectly captures how much they mean to you. Read more

How You Could Split The Money If You Won The Lottery

a pile of bank notes; How I Would Split the Money if I won the LotterySource

Winning a lottery has some of the lowest odds in the world. The probability of winning a jackpot is 1 in 13,983,816. However, that does not stop people from purchasing lottery tickets. People are always looking for tips for how to win the lottery and make the big killing.

Now, what next when the tips work perfectly and you become the next millionaire? You first have to take care of the preliminary stages like understanding the tax implications and other local guidelines. Once that is sorted, here are some of the ways to use the winnings. Read more

Getting back together with a Jack’s BBQ | AD

sausages and burgers grilling on a barbecue

With gathering restrictions eased further and the summer season here, we’re finally able to get together with friends & family again, and begin having fun times like we used to.

Add to that the Euro 2020 tournament being in full swing, when is a better time than to have a garden gathering with a barbecue? A BBQ is one of my favourite things in the summer – I’d have one every week! Read more

On The Pros & Cons of a Life Built On The Soil

The coronavirus pandemic has encouraged a lot of city dwellers to embrace life in the countryside. Remote work arrangement has made their dreams possible. They can make the most of the time outside the house without fearing unwanted interactions with crowds. 

There’s also something deeply satisfying about going back to a rural living. It is in our roots. People are made to enjoy life built on the soil. Yet, if you’ve moved recently into a cosy cottage in a small hamlet or a remote location, you are probably wondering if the challenges of a soil-based lifestyle were worth the effort. There are challenges, it’s no use denying it. But most of the issues people face have to do with lack of preparation. 

a green lawn in front of a brown brick house; On The Pros & Cons of a Life Built On The SoilUnsplash – CC0 Licence  Read more