Homesteading Tips: How To Make the Most Out Of Your Land

Homesteading Tips How To Make the Most Out Of Your Land; flock of white sheep grazing in a fieldImage Credit (CC0 License)

Living on a homestead comes with a variety of exceptional benefits. For me, the best thing is having access to more land around your home. With a traditional house, you usually have the property itself and maybe a garden. Here, you have your home, a garden, and lots of land around it. 

Essentially, you own acres of grass that you have full control over. So, a key consideration for any homestead owners is what you do with the land. Don’t waste it by letting it sit empty and untouched as you’re missing out on many opportunities! Instead, think about these different ways you can make the most out of your land:

Cultivate crops

Depending on where you live, the environment might be perfect for planting and cultivating crops. To be honest, most homestead owners will be able to do this, your location just decides what crops you grow. This is an easy way to take full advantage of a field as you can grow things all-year-round to use at home or sell at local farmers markets. In essence, you become very self-sustainable! Now, the trick to handling your crops is to invest in the right machinery. As you can see on, there’s a load of industrial and agricultural machinery that can make your life much easier. Certainly, you can’t plow fields without the correct machines, and so on. 

Raise some animals

It’s also worth dedicating some of your land to raising animals. Obviously, there are loads of different farm animals you can keep and use for different purposes. If you don’t have a lot of land and have already taken up a field with some crops, then laying hens is a great option as they require very little space. Alternatively, both cows and sheep are excellent field animals to raise as they’re easy to look after and provide various benefits. You can use the cows for milk, the sheep for wool, and there’s always the chance to sell them on to other farms as well. Either way, animals are a fantastic choice if you want to make the most out of your land. 

Wind turbines

This sounds pretty strange, but it’s a common theme for many landowners nowadays. Suppose your homestead includes a lot of land that spans around your property. In that case, you may want to get in touch with some renewable energy companies. They might be interested in using one of your fields to install a big wind turbine. As long as it isn’t placed directly in front of your house, this can be a fantastic idea. Why? Because you benefit from clean energy and also get paid for the turbine every year. Essentially, you get an ongoing payment as a way of thanking you for using your land – think of it as rent from the wind turbine company!

You see, there are different ways of taking advantage of the land you own. What this article should teach you is that there’s no real excuse to not utilize it! After all, why move to a homestead if you’re not eager to put in some work and live off the land around you?!

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