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Yesterday was a lovely day here in North Lincolnshire and it was hubby’s day off work, so instead of the mundane tasks around the house that we had originally planned, instead we decided to take J to feed the ducks and have a picnic by the river.

Feeding ducks is one of J’s favourite activities and he loves to carry the bag of bread to the car and keeps hold of it all the way there. Recently we even discovered that ducks like sweetcorn! (We were going on the way home from Nanna’s and she had no bread so gave us some sweetcorn instead – who knew?!).

I packed up the lovely picnic basket (which I won for making these sausage rolls), grabbed the picnic blanket, grabbed some bread for J to give to the ducks and we headed off. We found a shady spot under a tree to sit down, not far from the river. It was lovely to just sit and have lunch outside as a family.

Once we’d finished, we packed the basket and car up and headed to find the ducks – they’d already been fed by two different lots of children and were currently being fed by another! J always shouts “quack quack” when he sees them and gets rather excited. There were some cute ducklings so we made sure he fed them first so they got something! We then went for a countryside drive in the sunshine with J looking at the sights out of his window.

A lovely family afternoon was had by all – one of those simple country activities that makes everybody happy.

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  1. Looks like a wonderful day out! Nice to see from your photos that the ducks were up close and personal rather than way out on a pond! 🙂 #MagicMoments

  2. These are the days you will remember as J grows up, not the mundane housework days! Good for you for making the most of the sunny day together. I still remember doing similar with my own parents when I was not much older than J. I hope you have many more summertime picnics out together feeding ducks bread and sweetcorn! Insidently our trout are keen on sweetcorn too, a popular way to fish! Thank you for joining me on Country Kids

  3. Aww lovely! I never knew they ate sweetcorn!

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