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If you’re a long time follower of the blog then you may know that some of my household are big Harry Potter fans. If you’re a new reader then hi – I hope your love of all things Potter brought you here! As a family we have quite a collection of Harry Potter merchandise; from Lego to clothes to books to car stickers (don’t judge me!) and much more. The newest addition is a Magical Capsules surprise toy.

Harry Potter Magical Capsules

Magical Capsules contents before unwrapping

What’s included and what does it do?

Harry Potter Magical Capsules are the newest collectible from the great Wizarding World. Every crest contains one of ten characters from the series, each with a collector’s card to keep track of your collection. Open each compartment for a different clue to discover who your character could be!

  • Compartment 1 has a heat reveal Hogwarts House Crest for the first clue…
  • Compartment 2 contains a spell name written in invisible ink, that will only be revealed when dipped in water…
  • Once you’ve revealed the House and the spell, you should be able to guess who is in the final compartment…
  • Open the 3rd compartment to reveal 4 wrapped packages; the three small ones are accessories, so save the biggest and best until last!

Magical Capsules contents Harry Potter figure, suitcase, Hedwig, wand and letter) after unwrapping

What did we think?

The boys certainly enjoyed opening the capsule compartments to reveal the clues, although it was me who figured out who it was! I’m pretty happy we got Harry – his Hedwig accessory is super cute! This figure also came with a suitcase, a wand and a letter; though the former are really very small so could be quite easily lost if played with a lot because there isn’t really anywhere to store them, and they fall out of Harry’s hand quite easily.

Boys holding Magical Capsule contents

Honestly though, apart from when we opened it, the boys haven’t been interested in playing with it and it’s made its way up to my bookshelves to become more of a collector’s item. Though I’m not sure we will be buying any more as I’m not willing to spend the cost of one, with no guarantee that we will get a different character.

Magical Capsules contents (Harry Potter figure, briefcase, and Hedwig) on shelf in front of Harry Potter books

Where to buy

The Harry Potter Magical Capsules are available to buy from Kids@Play Toys, priced at £9.99 for one capsule.

We were sent this product free of charge to review. All thoughts and opinions are honest & our own.

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  1. This looks the perfect gift for any true Harry Potter Fan, thanks for sharing 🙂

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