Our March | Birthdays, Mother’s Day and biscuits

Our March 2017

Since May last year I have been joining in with Suburban Mum’s Our Favourite Five link up, but she recently decided to call it quits; thanks for hosting for all that time, Maria! I really enjoyed joining in though as it’s lovely to look back on what I sometimes feel has been a bad month, and see that we did have good times; so I’ve decided to carry on with monthly posts, in pretty much the same format, but just a slightly different title!

Anyway, March is always a busy month for us with Noah’s birthday at the beginning, and Jacob’s near the end; so it was certainly eventful, what with throwing Jacob a Paw Patrol themed party too! As per usual, there is always some kind of food involved in our favourites too…

Noah’s 3rd birthday

The first birthday of the month was Noah’s, and he turned three years old. I would say that he finally reached ‘threenager’ mode, but he started that a few weeks before. So moody with lots of tantrums – the joy! We didn’t do anything big for his birthday; it was midweek, Jacob was at school, so we took N out for lunch. Then we had a little tea party when Jacob came home, with an immense chocolate cake, thanks to Nanna! We took him to soft play and out for dinner at the weekend when his Uncle was home.


Bahlsen biscuits

We go through so many biscuits in our house, though I’m not sure who eats more; the boys or The Husband! Sometimes I could give or take them, other times (like recently) I can’t stop eating them – oops. We were sent some of the new mini snacking range from Bahlsen; PiCK UP! Minis Choco & Milk, new Leibniz Mini Choco, and new Messino Minis.

As I expected from Bahlsen, they were all absolutely delicious; especially the Messino Minis which were so fruity and indulgent – I could have eaten the whole bag, seriously…. They all make the perfect cuppa break snack!

Bahlsen Minis

Jacob’s 5th birthday

It was time for Jacob’s birthday toward the end of the month, and he turned the grand old age of five! As I mentioned earlier, I had planned a Paw Patrol party for him at the local village hall. It was held on his actual birthday, being on a Sunday, so we didn’t do anything else. I will have a full post coming soon, but here is one of my favourites from the day!

Jacob with Chase

Mother’s Day

March was also Mother’s Day over here in the UK, and I really would have been happy with a bunch of flowers and some chocolates. But, I was thoroughly spoiled – thanks kids! I received some gorgeous new charms for my bracelet, a food treats tin, a canvas bag; but my favourite gift was this little lot, lovingly made by Jacob at school 🙂

Mother's Day gifts

The Husband went to work before we got up and the boys wanted to make me breakfast in bed, but I didn’t really want them downstairs on their own, so they made me breakfast at the table instead – all by themselves!


What did you enjoy during March?

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