CD5, clomid round 1, day 4

Today has been OK-ish… I felt a bit sick this morning but that could have been the fact I had a job interview and was slightly nervous, so not blaming that one wholly on the clomid!

Apart from that I’ve had a headache again, and considering one of the side effects is heavy periods, mine has gotten much lighter, much earlier than usual, so that’s odd! Not that I’m complaining as they are usually horrendous!

Just one day of clomid left, and then getting down to the BD’ing! 

3 thoughts on “CD5, clomid round 1, day 4

  1. Good luck with the BD'ing! I hope you have a lucky one. Going to see the gyno on Tuesday, with Martin. We need advice; I haven't had AF in the last six months – I am not… as tests say BFN. It looks like I am infertile, dam…PCOS. You WILL get the Primark job. I am 200% certain.

    Lady M

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