CD6, clomid round 1, day 5

Yesterday was the final clomid of round 1, now I just have to await the next couple of weeks with impatience and see if it has worked… I think this is going to be worse than ever before, at least before I knew I wasn’t OV’ing anyway and no chance of me getting pg!

Have to BD from days 10-20, and go for bloods on days 21 & 28.

Fingers crossed…

2 thoughts on “CD6, clomid round 1, day 5

  1. Fingers Crossed!!!! I'm pretty sure I Ov'ed this month & I think I'm still in shock from my BFN today. No Ov then you know it's not your fault, you didn't even ov. But when you Ov & still fail it…. *sigh* SUCKS! I really hope it works for you, I hope Clomid is your magic drug to your dream!

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