Project 365 – Weeks 9 & 10 (days 54 – 67)

I was a little bit busy to be able to post or link up last week, so here I have two weeks in one and if you don’t know why, you will find out…

February 23rd / Day 54
I’ve posted little man’s tunnel adventures previously… Here is another one!

February 24th / Day 55
It was another one of those chocolate days – this is one of the big ones!

February 25th / Day 56
My Peppa Pig obsessive spent so long inspecting this that it fell off the stick eventually!

February 26th / Day 57
Little man likes to help with the shopping! He likes looking at the pictures on things.

February 27th / Day 58
You do know it’s totally cool to wear your builders hat to dinner, right?

February 28th / Day 59
Takeaway curry again to help get the baby out! Did it work? Have a read…

March 1st / Day 60
Little man has big kisses for his little brother on his birth-day.

March 2nd / Day 61
Even though I had my much wanted home birth, we ended up in transitional/special care for a couple of reasons – this beauty became my new best friend!

March 3rd / Day 62
My three sleepy men whilst the eldest two were visiting and I was having lunch.

March 4th / Day 63
My gorgeous boy on discharge day.

March 5th / Day 64
A lovely gift which arrived through the mail today

March 6th / Day 65
A competition win for my little monkey – though I fancy them for myself!

March 7th / Day 66
Another competition win stuffed with goodies – very handy at this moment in time!

March 8th / Day 67
My second little man at one week old.

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