Project 365 – Week 28 (days 187 – 193)

Day 187 / July 6th
J was fixated on one of the Barbie movies on the kiddies channel. Erm…

Day 188 / July 7th
I was feeding N and noticed that J had gone quiet. I went to see what he was doing but couldn’t find him anywhere. I had to look in our bedroom twice before I found him tucked under the duvet asleep (the duvet was fully covering him before this, I moved it to find him!).

Day 189 / July 8th
One of my orange chrysanthemums which I submitted to #capturingcolour on Instagram.

Day 190 / July 9th
Hubby had gone to give blood so I was seeing to both boys before bedtime. I was getting J ready for bed and N fell asleep on his play mat.

Day 191 / July 10th
Smiley little N. He’s changing so much every week.

Day 192 / July 11th
I couldn’t resist the pick’n’mix at The Range!

Day 193 / July 12th
I was feeling really unwell today so it was late before I realised I hadn’t taken a photo yet, so apologies for the poor quality sleeping photo taken by torchlight! 
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