Project 365, 2015 (days 67-73)

(So I didn’t do very well this week with only five photos…oops!)

Day 67 / March 8th
I was ill yet again today so didn’t really think about taking any photos.
Day 68 / March 9th
We took N out for the first time on his new (to him) trike today, he absolutely loved it!
Day 69 / March 10th
Never got around to taking a photo today as we were attending hubby’s Nan’s funeral so it was a bit of a somber day.

Day 70 / March 11th
J loves this new book that we are reviewing at the minute – it always fills him with laughs & smiles.

Day 71 / March 12th
We were out for a friends little boy’s birthday tonight, and N loved the cake – what better way to eat it?!

Day 72 / March 13th
I suppose you could call this a cheat photo today… A photo of my weigh in from this week as I was writing my update post.

Day 73 / March 14th
J & I haven’t had much one-on-one time recently so I promised him we’d do some baking. He made these Peppa Pig muddy puddles biscuits (from a kit I found in the cupboard…).

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