Project 365, 2015 (days 60-66)

Day 60 / March 1st
There’s only one photo that could have been for today – it was N’s first birthday!

Day 61 / March 2nd
Today was a chance to play with leftover balloons!

Day 62 / March 3rd
I’ve previously posted how we were having trouble with J’s behaviour towards N but now N is getting bigger & stronger he’s started to get his own back. One of his favourite things to do is sit on his brother – depending on his mood, J actually finds it funny! Of course I have to keep an eye on them though as they both terrorise each other now – Mummy referee!


Day 63 / March 4th
Bit of a cheat photo today as I didn’t take any photos other than for a book we are reviewing at the minute.

Day 64 / March 5th
J loves playing with his dinosaurs lately. Today they weren’t feeling very well (one of them had a headache) so he put them to bed.

Day 65 / March 6th
As you can see, climbing is a favourite activity for all of my boys…climbing on Daddy is most fun though!

Day 66 / March 7th
Two photos for today. I love how J is interacting with his toys lately and his play scenarios, it reminds just how much he’s growing up. N has been feeling a bit under the weather and all he’s wanted to do is cuddle. I love this shot as they’re usually blurry from N moving or hubby pulling a silly face!
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