Project 365, 2015 (days 179-192)

I’m behind again at the minute so I have two week’s worth of photos for you – I apologise in advance for the abundance of food photos!
Day 179 / June 28th
After coming back from holiday I decided I would go onto the Slimming World EESP plan for a couple of days to try for damage limitation, so it was a salmon & egg salad for lunch today.

Day 180 / June 29th
Another EESP meal with the addition of sausages for 1 syn. I really enjoyed this!

Day 181 / June 30th
A selfie today, a boiling day so I sported my summer hat and a dress! I also decided I like my face from this angle as it looks really slim!

Day 182 / July 1st
With the hot weather I decided to treat the boys to a new bigger paddling pool. J loved splashing about in it and I dipped my feet too.

Day 183 / July 2nd
The boys & Daddy discovered a new game of spinning around in boxes – who needs all of those toys behind them?!

Day 184 / July 3rd
It was our final Parenting Pitstop session today and nobody could give us a lift so we took the bus instead for the first time – J loved it and keeps telling everybody he went on the bus with Mummy!

Day 185 / July 4th
We were at Nanna’s for a BBQ today and she had bought the boys a little seating set, both of them loved it.

Day 186 / July 5th
N has started sitting at the table for his meals now and you may have previously seen that he tends to fall asleep during his lunch in his highchair; this was the first time at the table!

Day 187 / July 6th
Another food photo! We were taste testing Tesco steaks for a campaign for ‘The Orchard’.

Day 188 / July 7th
I’m currently reviewing some products from Creative Nature Superfoods and this is one of the nature bars they sent me, it was really delicious.

Day 189 / July 8th
And more food… (Sorry!)… Tonight we tried the burger in a bowl from the Slimming World Fakeaways book, it really did taste like a Big Mac and filled me up!

Day 190 / July 9th
N is getting really good at using his spoon to feed himself now but he will also still use his hands to push the food in!

Day 191 / July 10th
We were playing on the grass out of the front of our flat today and J spotted this fly just chilling on a leaf!

Day 192 / July 11th
It was our wedding anniversary today and we had a home-made Chinese feast, although we had profiteroles for after!

Project 365, 2015 (days 165-178)

A two week update this week as we went away on our staycation last Saturday and didn’t get chance to post!
Day 165 / June 14th
I made a chocolate Baileys & Lindor cheesecake for bake club on Friday, and we had the leftovers today. It was so good. (Recipe coming soon!)

Day 166 / June 15th
As I was heading out the door for a run, these two were taking advantage of technology…

Day 167 / June 16th
A gorgeous sunny day today so after playing outside all morning we decided to have an al fresco lunch. J looks grumpy but I think he was just admiring his plate!

Day 168 / June 17th
J & I love flower spotting on the way home from nursery and we found this gorgeous one today.

Day 169 / June 18th
This photo is more of an afterthought, after remembering I hadn’t taken a photo yet today! These are really good…

Day 170 / June 19th
I bought these at weigh in on Tuesday after having a little taster, they are so nice!

Day 171 / June 20th
Staycation day! We stopped for coffee on the way to Norfolk and I needed it as I was falling asleep, good job I wasn’t driving!

Day 172 / June 21st
We visited Dinosaur Adventure today as Daddy got in for free; so many photos to choose from but I will share more in a separate post. I love this one though!

Day 173 / June 22nd
We had a more relaxed day today. N decided it would be fun to walk around with a bucket on his head…

Day 174 / June 23rd
Who can guess where we visited today? So many photos to choose from here too that I will also share in a separate post, but this is a lovely one of the boys together.

Day 175 / June 24th
Today we had a visit to the Sea Life centre in Great Yarmouth then had a visit to the beach. I absolutely adore this shot of N exploring the sand.

Day 176 / June 25th
We visited Wroxham Barns today (where I spent too much money). After we visited the farm, the boys had a go on the Peppa ride.

Day 177 / June 26th
Our last day and we went swimming. N had a lot of fun and was shattered afterwards!

Day 178 / June 27th
We had a long day today with our journey home, unpacking, shopping, and so on – I forgot to take a photo!

Project 365, 2015 (days 158-164)

Day 158 / June 7th
The only photo I took today. Leftover Slimming World fishcake with some salad for lunch.

Day 159 / June 8th
We have started getting activity bags from our course we have been going to. This week it was an Old McDonald theme and J really enjoyed playing with the farm animals.

Day 160 / June 9th
J is getting really creative with his building lately!

Day 161 / June 10th
N was loving his mini ice cream for dessert today! Though it was covered in chocolate and he didn’t really know what to do with it so just sat staring at it for a while first!

Day 162 / June 11th
I had a couple of jobs to do so I got some porridge oats and equipment out for the boys to play with, it kept them occupied for a long while!

Day 163 / June 12th
Tonight was bake club and this month it was a “surprise” theme…

Day 164 / June 13th
Another food photo, sorry… After overindulging at bake club last night I was back on plan today as I really want that two stone before I go on holiday!

Project 365, 2015 (days 151-157)

Day 151 / May 31st
So this one is kind of cheating as I didn’t take it, but I love it! We were at a family Christening celebration and look who showed up! N was mesmerised by him, love this photo of them giving high fives!

Day 152 / June 1st
The only photo I seem to have taken today, my breakfast…

Day 153 / June 2nd
At Fit Tots today the sensory activity was gluing and sticking ready for making Father’s Day cards next week – J made this moon & stars collage.

Day 154 / June 3rd
I’ve recently started running (or attempting to – a whole post on that coming soon) and I got to view this lovely sunset this evening.

Day 155 / June 4th
One of the boys’ favourite games at the minute is pretending the Lego box is a boat – the Mega Bloks were actually still in it today but I captured them playing beautifully together, for once!

Day 156 / June 5th
Another photo of my breakfast, sorry! (It was yummy though).

Day 157 / June 6th
I had some jobs needed doing today so after we’d played outside for a while when I hung the washing out, we got the tuff spot out with glue and sticking bits – they made more of a mess really…

Project 365, 2015 (days 144-150)

Day 144 / May 24th
We were at my father-in-law’s for tea today and after being up at stupid o’clock and being out in the fresh air, the boys were shattered and asleep when we got home. I captured this sleeping beauty…

Day 145 / May 25th
I felt really under the weather today and spent some of the afternoon in bed when hubby got home from work so we had a lazy quick tea tonight, yummy though.

Day 146 / May 26th
We’ve recently been testing a prototype of the fabulous Doddl cutlery and J fancied using it to feed his little brother his breakfast today.

Day 147 / May 27th
I rarely get sleepy cuddles from N any more as Daddy puts him to bed so I make the most of it while J is at nursery. I will miss these baby days.

Day 148 / May 28th
I felt ill yet again today so I had a Slimming World ready meal, the Singapore noodles. It was yummy but I had to force myself to eat it because of feeling unwell. I’ve kept the recipe to make it myself though.

Day 149 / May 29th
We had to make an emergency dash to the shop this morning but it wouldn’t stop raining so J finally got to use his new minion umbrella.

Day 150 / May 30th
J has been going on about these minion shorts for ages (yes, he’s a little obsessed with minions!) and he chose the Olaf ones out for N; they were treated by their Uncle so now they are holiday ready!