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Right, so I am a lot late with my reveal for February’s foodie penpals. My labour started on reveal date and I hadn’t written this post by then, and I have still been trying to find my feet as a mummy of two and finding time for blogging (must find some kind of routine!). Anyway, here it is – better late than never?!

My parcel for February came from the lovely Carol from Wales who blogs over at Corpulent Capers. As ever, I was excited and eager to see what was in my parcel – especially as I told her in my email that I was pregnant and nearing my due date with a very sweet tooth! 

So what did I see first when I opened it?!…

Well first up was some clotted cream shortbread. I only usually ever have shortbread at Christmas so this was a lovely item to receive. There were two large rounds, and it took me two sittings to eat them – one round at a time! Delicious. 
Next up, a lovely home made jam – carrot cake flavour. I found this very intriguing and had no idea what it would taste like. It is ‘a pear, pineapple and carrot jam with added spices’ – my mouth was watering when I read this description. There are many ways this could be eaten but I tried it on cream crackers with cream cheese – yummy. The jam itself is very sweet but has a lovely tangy taste to it. 

The next item I pulled out was this peanut brittle. I haven’t had anything like this for years so it was one of the first things I tucked into. I was expecting it to be quite hard but it was soft and easy to eat, in fact it could have been peanut fudge as it had that kind of texture. It didn’t last long either! 

Also in my package was this little bag of sweets (tied with a cute ribbon) from a popular sweet shop in Abergavenny. They are mint so they kept me going through my labour. 

And finally, on the savoury side, was this curry spice mix. It is ‘tantalizing tikka’ flavour which is a good choice as it’s usually hubby’s preferred option. I haven’t gotten around to trying it yet but I’m sure I will soon as we love a curry!

If you wish to find out more about Foodie Penpals and join in, visit Rock Salt for more details.

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