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As any pregnant woman knows, once you start getting that bump on you, and/or PGP or SPD pain, it is practically impossible to turn over in bed. I seem to have found a 3 point turn is the way to go about it. That is until I was offered the chance to review The Snoozle maternity slide sheet

The Snoozle states: 

Are you having trouble or pain when rolling in bed at night? The revolutionary Snoozle maternity slide sheet can help you roll smoothly and get a good night’s sleep. 

Tossing and turning has never been more comfortable despite your growing bump. Simply lie down, roll over and slide back into your dream.The Snoozle will slide with you and make every move so smooth, your sleep will hardly be disturbed.

The Snoozle is made out of speciality fabric that is slippery on the inside to help it slide smoothly with every move, but soft & comfortable on the outside. There are many benefits to the Snoozle but just a few are that it helps you get out of bed more easily; it helps you to move around during labour (especially if you are suffering from SPD or PGP); and it helps you sit up and slide back down if you’re feeding baby in bed – so it is very versatile.  

The Snoozle comes in a lovely box so it is also perfect to give to someone as a gift. It obviously also protects against damaged outer packaging which is a bonus as you know the sheet itself is very unlikely to become damaged.

It comes in 3 different trim colours – white, blue & pink. It also has ‘Snoozle’ embroidered on it in the lovely pink colour. I was sent the white one but the other two colours look gorgeous. 

The Snoozle is very simple to use – you just place it on your side of your bed on top of your regular sheet, then settle down for the night! It is quite large so it leaves plenty of room for you & your growing bump to move around on it. 

I must admit at first I thought it was too good to be true – how on this planet can you manage to be comfortable in bed when in pain and heavily pregnant? But it took me by surprise! When laid on it you don’t even know it is there. I had to turn over and test it straight away – everything it states is true. It is so much easier to roll over, without the 3 point turn and grunting & groaning! It is so smooth and just feels like you are turning over normally when not pregnant (or in pain). On the first night I used it I had the best nights sleep I’d had in ages, I think I slept all night which is a rarity at this stage of pregnancy. I also woke up pretty much pain free – another rarity! It can tend to get a little crumpled up but it still works and can soon smooth itself back out when you turn over. Also, as one of the benefits states, it is so much easier to get up and get out of bed.

Priced at £24, I think for the size, quality, versatility & the fact I have been able to get a better nights sleep than I have had in a long time, it is definitely worth the investment for a pregnancy must have if you can afford it. . 

My rating – 4/5


I was sent this product free of charge to review. All thoughts & opinions are honest & my own.

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  1. Slave To My Toddler

    What a GREAT idea!!! This is defo on my wish list if I'm lucky enough to get pregnant again!

  2. I can't tell you how much I wish I'd know about this 6 months ago!
    Thanks for linking up this week 🙂

  3. I wish I had too so it helped from the beginning lol!

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