Give my boy a break

Can somebody give my boy a break, please?

Pretty much since his birthday, he’s been ill. 

First he had a cough & cold. Yep, can deal with that, Calpol usually does the trick. 

And then the beginning of last week he was rather grumpy. Some ear pulling was going on too. Then I noticed discharge in his ear. Off to the GP we went. Ear infection. Amoxicillin was given for that.

Then Thursday it was his injection day, including his MMR. I admit I thought he was going to scream the place down, but no, he flinched at the first two then cried for 10 seconds at the third one! He was a very brave boy. 

He started reacting to this a week later (the Thursday just gone), with tiredness and lethargy, but then he started being sick too. We thought it would ease off but it didn’t and he was sick again yesterday, so we took him to the GP. He seemed to think it wa just a viral infection, so sent us off and told us to keep an eye on him.

Fast forward to yesterday evening, and we had a GINORMOUS poo-splosion. Yep, diarrhea. He required a bath and I had another wash load. My poor poor boy. 

This morning we had yet more diarrhea, and more sick this afternoon. Add to the fact he has barely eaten, will barely drink, or when he does he brings it all back, I was getting worried, mainly about him dehydrating. So hubby rang NHS Direct and told us that the out of hours GP would ring us back. She asked us to take him up to the hospital ASAP, so off we went. 

It turns out he has gastroenteritis. So we were sent away with Dioralyte for him, and told to avoid dairy until he is better. He’s been drinking his medicine, and he ate a bit of toast, so hopefully he’ll get better soon.

He just looks so tired and unwell, he’s slept for the majority of the day again, and doesn’t want to play. It’s so unlike him. 

I just want my boy to be better, I hate seeing him ill. 

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