Little man N at 2 months old

2 months old! Just where has the time gone?!

N had his first visit to baby group at one month old, though he slept the whole time whilst his brother played! He was in the sling though which explains it, he could sleep forever in there. 

He also had his first visit to the doctors! For a few days he had a white tongue, at first I thought it was just deposited milk but after trying to remove it, it wouldn’t come off. It turned out he had a case of thrush, poor baby. We got some medication and it cleared up pretty quickly, within a couple of days. 

We had our first proper smile from him around 5.5 weeks. A truly magical moment; I’m loving all these early life first moments again! 

N has now been in his cot since he was around 6 weeks old (a lot earlier than we moved J into his). He just wouldn’t settle in his Moses basket and we thought as he loves to co-sleep he may prefer the cot – he was growing out of his basket already anyway! He also loves to sleep on his front. He stays asleep much longer and is much happier. He still co-sleeps at some point nearly every night though!

He ‘celebrated’ his first Easter by being dressed up! 

As well as his first GP visit, he also had his first visit to A&E – don’t worry, it was only the out of hours doctor! He had been suffering with very runny poops for a few days – literally every nappy was just like poopy water (sorry!) and he had started to seem a bit under the weather in himself, not drinking much. We rang NHS Direct who sent us up to the hospital just to get him checked over as the emergency doctor was worried about dehydration. Everything seemed OK though and we just had to take a poop sample to the GP – typically his poop went back to normal the next day!

Another day and another visit to the GP for his vaccinations.

I think N has much more sensitive skin than his brother, as he also came down with a bad case of nappy rash around the same time as the thrush. It was absolutely red raw. Sudocrem wasn’t really doing anything so we tried Metanium. That cleared it up quite a lot but it was still lingering. In the end we got a prescription for some cream from the GP and it has pretty much done the job now, but the poor little man had to suffer with it for a while.

I mentioned briefly in his 1 month update that we had his first coo. We are getting a lot more now, and even some attempted giggles!

Our Easter 2014

Since little man J arrived he has actually seen two Easter holidays. The first year, he was only a few weeks old so he received nothing at all, and last year he had pretty much only just turned one so only received a couple of eggs from family and some clothes from us. 

This year I wanted to make it a bit more fun so I made him a special basket full of goodies (he had no big eggs from us as again he got them from family). (Next year though we will probably have an egg hunt as there will be both the boys to take part in it). I wanted to make an Easter basket rather than just use a standard shop bought one, so I took to Pinterest for some ideas. I pinned a few but in the end I decided on using these ones from Red Ted Art as inspiration. 

I haven’t used papier mache since I was at school so I really didn’t realise how long it took to dry – I did quite a few layers so it took a while, and it was a mad rush on Saturday evening trying to get it dry, decorate it, and fill it! Anyway, eventually it ended up looking like this:

For a rush job in the end I don’t think it looks too bad! Inside the basket I put these goodies for the little man:

  • That’s not my bunny touchy feely book
  • Hop DVD
  • Bunny ears
  • Bunny bubble wand
  • Peppa Pig surprise egg with jelly beans, stickers and a toy
  • Smarties chick
  • Milkybar bunny
  • 4 plastic eggs filled with small chocolate eggs with mini Smarties inside
  • 4 plastic eggs filled with bunny marshmallows
He loved it all, I wouldn’t say he really had a favourite item though he did tuck into the Milkybar bunny straight away!

As little man N was only 7 weeks old we I just had to dress him up, so he got this Easter bunny onesie:

I might be biased but I think he looks looks darn cute!

We had my father and brother in-law around for lunch and we had a lamb roast done in the slow cooker, it was flipping delicious but I never got a photo! For dessert I made this salted caramel mini egg millionaire’s shortbread (also mega yummy but ever so sickly!):

How was your Easter?

Little man J at 2 years old

Well I can’t believe the original little man is now 2 years old. I haven’t updated about his progress as regularly as I should have, but it is my mission for the year for now, for both of them! Since my last update nearly 6 months ago, he has come on so much in lots of areas. 

He has so many new words (lots of them with thanks to Peppa Pig!). I’m not going to list them this time as there are way too many to keep up with nowadays; he’s saying at least one new word every 2 or 3 days. There are lots of animal names and noises; food words; greetings and goodbyes; toilet activities; and he’s starting to recognise body parts. He can also now count to 3! Although sometimes he says 1, 2, 8!…

Although he knows the words for wee & poo, potty training is still a no-go at the minute. He usually uses it as a hat – luckily he has done nothing in it at these times! He has sat on it a couple of times though, but he doesn’t stay there long enough. He doesn’t even tell me when he’s done a wee or a poo so I don’t think he’s quite ready anyway. (After I’d written this I had to come back to edit it as he brought me his potty saying ‘wee wee’ – he sat on it with his nappy off but just played with himself instead! Typical man hey!).

He still doesn’t have all of his teeth! He was a late starter and at 2 years old he still only has 12 – his molars started coming through at 20 months. He does have another two coming through right now though. 

We recently took both of the sides off J’s cot bed after removing one of them a few months ago. He had stopped falling out of the side that had been removed so we thought we would remove the other too, and make it even more like a proper big boys bed. He now falls out of the other side sometimes, but I can’t imagine he hurts himself as I find him laid on the floor asleep! We still have his routine though so this has worked well for us. 

He has started young and has a girlfriend – the next door neighbour! Her grandad asked her one day do you have a boyfriend, and she said “Yes, J” – cute! They have loved playing together ever since we moved in but this was just lovely. They are quite close, whenever they go and call for each other and the other isn’t in, or they have to come in for their tea etc., they always run away crying & upset. Young love, hey?!

He is gradually getting use to being a big brother. He wasn’t so sure at first and would poke N – like he was testing that he was real or something! Although when he first met him he gave him a kiss and kisses him all the time now, as well as tickling his feet. He also helps me with nappy changes and puts nappies in the bin. I think he will be much better when N starts moving and he can play with him! 

Preparing for little man’s 2nd birthday

This time last year I was still busy planning for little man’s 1st birthday & party. Now I’m planning for his 2nd birthday (how did that happen?!). I’m not going as overboard this year though, for a couple of reasons. Number one, funds (as just in case you didn’t already know, we’re expecting a baby any day now); which kind of leads on to number 2, that we will have a newborn and I don’t want all the stress on top of getting used to being a family of four. 

We were originally going to have a party at the local soft play but then decided against it as not knowing exactly when this baby will arrive, I could be in hospital then (hopefully not) or not long since given birth and not really want to go anywhere. Which is why we also put off the idea of just going out for a meal with family and close friends. 

Instead we are just going to have a little tea party at home with immediate family. He won’t really know what’s going on anyway, a bit like last year but I just got a little overexcited! We will still have a theme though, of course it has to be Peppa Pig… (though I think I may focus more on George Pig!). I think I will order some sandwiches from here so I don’t even have that to do, and then a few bits of party food from the supermarket – voila! My Mum will be making his cake again, and I’ll probably make a couple of banners for decoration like I did last year. Though he won’t know what’s really happening, I think he will be more than happy with the theme! 

Little man will be at nursery on the morning (and early afternoon) of his birthday so it gives us some time to get things ready, and when he gets home we can have some family time and present opening with just us 4 before everybody else arrives. 

(Next year it will be a joint party!).

Transition from the cot bed

A few weeks ago we made the decision to convert little man’s cot bed into a bed (though we have only taken one side off as he will be getting a full size single when baby needs this). He hadn’t started climbing out, but we were having issues with him going to bed and his bedtime and wanted to get him into some kind of routine before baby arrives. Although if he has nap, especially late in the afternoon falling asleep in the car or something, he just will not go to sleep early no matter what! He doesn’t usually nap though, he hasn’t done since just after he turned 1.

Our usual routine went like this – there was none! 

He was such a nightmare to get to bed on his own and would usually go to bed when we went and then co-sleep with us all night. Anyone who knows me knows I love co-sleeping but it was just getting too uncomfortable for me and I couldn’t actually sleep at all. 

If he did go in his own bed, it would be after falling asleep on either of us with his bottle. And sometimes that didn’t even work because as soon as you put him down (having to lower him down) he would most likely wake straight up and then not go back to sleep, so he would just end up in with us anyway. 

So the reason we converted his cot bed into a bed, was so that it might feel a bit more like ours and he would go to sleep in it and stay in it a bit longer – if not all night. To add to the big bed ‘feel’ we also bought him a proper duvet and a pillow. 

For the first 3 nights, he still had his bottle with us, and then we would put him in his bed, but it was easier because we could just slide him in. He slept in there ALL night! And then he got ill. So he started coming in with us again as it was just easier. 


When he was better, we decided that giving him his bottle in bed might be easier – if he fell asleep with it, that is. One of us sat with him though as I think he prefers someone to be there. 


He fell asleep. Miracle.

Ever since then he has gone to sleep in his own bed. At a reasonable time too – between 7pm & 8pm. I cannot actually remember the last time this happened. Sometimes though, he does still wake in the night and I wake up to find him in our bed – I must get a gate on his door! 

But I am just so glad now that he has a proper bedtime routine, as this is what was stressing me out and upsetting me the most. As well as him being incredibly grumpy because he was so obviously tired, I would often be in tears as we never got any downtime to relax or time to ourselves in the evening, but now we do, almost every night.

Thanks, little man. (Please keep it up!).