Foodie Penpals – September reveal

This month my foodie penpals parcel came from Tracey over at It’s not easy being greedy (how great is that blog name?!). Month after month I continue to be excited at what might be in my parcel, as although I give pretty much the same ‘requests’ every time, everybody has different ideas and come from different places so I always get something I haven’t tried yet – and often I get something I really want too!

Anyway, on with the contents for this month. Up first, the more sweet items:


  • hazelnut & raisin dark chocolate square. I’m usually a milk chocolate person but this was yummy with the addition of hazelnuts & raisins and I ate it all in one sitting…
  • some really yummy fudge! (But fudge is always yummy…)
  • a Dairy Milk LU bar. I’ve been looking at these for ages but was yet to try one. This is just the right balance of biscuit and chocolate though.
  • Tunnock’s snowballs. I was so pleased to see these as I haven’t had them for ages!
Next up, the more savoury items (and a drink):


  • some coffee all the way from Sri Lanka! (I haven’t tried this yet though).
  • a couple of Asian jars for accompaniments/cooking. I haven’t tried these yet either but they look really interesting and tasty.
  • a sachet of Rendang sauce mix. This looks really yummy and I can’t wait to try this one.
  • two sachets of popping corn. Corn for popping at home is much better than ready bagged popcorn, in my opinion. We’ve tried the salted one so far and it was lovely, considering I’m not usually keen on salted popcorn.

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The Lean Green Bean

Foodie Penpals – August reveal

This month my parcel came from Jemma in Wales. I always love trying local goods from other areas in other countries so I was excited to see what I would receive.

First up, some local goodies:

  • lamb & mint welsh potato crisps. My first thought on finding these was ‘Yum!’. I’ve been saving these for our car journey today.
  • local Welshcakes. These are delicious, on their own or with butter and/or jam.
Jemma lives in a multicultural area so I also received:


  • harissa paste. I’ve wanted to try some kind of recipe with this for ages so it was very welcomed.
  • pistachio & almond cookies. These are delicious & moreish. (Hubby likes them too). I might have to try and recreate these.
  • chai latte. This was sent because Jemma thought it had caffeine in it (I always say I love coffee!) but it doesn’t… But no matter, I had recently discovered it and it’s one of my new favourite hot drinks anyway!
And finally:
  • orange flavour infused raisins. I’ve received these in a couple of different flavours before so it was a pleasant surprise to receive a different flavour. They are good!
  • cinnamon apple sprinkles. I already have an idea of what I’m going to use these for (it obviously involves cake).

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The Lean Green Bean

Foodie Penpals – July reveal

This month my foodie penpals parcel came from Kevin over at The Crafty Larder (you really should check his blog out as there are some fantabulous recipes on there – seriously, go on, do it).

I think this parcel was one of my favourite ones yet. Though I have said it before this parcel was very ‘me’ and a lot of thought was put into it.

First up, a few savoury bits:

  • Vietnamese dipping sauce. I haven’t had Vietnamese yet but I’m looking forward to trying this with spring rolls (or some other kind of appetiser)
  • Thai chilli rice crackers. These were the first thing I we tucked into – J very much enjoyed these too as he kept asking for more! I will certainly be buying these again as they are a very yummy snack
  • smokehouse flavour almonds. I haven’t tried these yet but I imagine these will make a yummy snack too.

Next up the sweet things:


  • peanut butter flavour hot drink. I had to tuck into this on the evening that my parcel arrived. It is so nice. I will be trying out some recipes with it too, so watch this space!
  • home made lime curd. I haven’t tried this yet but I imagine it will be delicious on a plain vanilla loaf cake
  • chilli & orange chocolate. I’ve never had chilli flavour chocolate before so I’m very much looking forward to trying this – I’m just waiting for the right time when J has driven me mad I’m desperate for a treat
  • home made vanilla paste. I’ve been meaning to try vanilla paste rather than extract for ages, so I must get baking now! (The recipe is over on Kevin’s blog)
  • paper straws. I have been after some of these for aaages (small things) so I was delighted when I saw them! These will be great in cupcakes or for a milkshake or smoothie in one of those mason drinking jars.

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The Lean Green Bean

Foodie Penpals – June reveal

This month my parcel came from Laura over at Foodie Laura. I usually give spicy food as one of my preferences, and this box happened to be an international spice fest! I haven’t actually tried anything yet but I am really looking forward to doing so.

First up was a couple of meal kits:


  • Sri Lankan duck curry. Now this sounds delicious as we love duck but rarely ever have it, so I’m going to treat us to some duck this week and have it for dinner one evening!
  • lamb Rogan Josh. this is one my favourite Indian curries so I was delighted to find this. (I do love cooking curries from scratch but sometimes it’s nice to have it all ready to just chuck together!).
Next up some spices:
  • some more Spanish paprika – I now have quite a collection of this as it seems to be a running theme!
  • Korean gochugaru powder. I actually had to Google this one and it’s a red pepper powder, so I will be trying some new recipes with this.
And finally:
  • some colourful tapioca pearl mix. I will be making some yummy desserts with this! (Hubby thought it was ice cream sprinkles!).

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The Lean Green Bean

Foodie Penpals – May reveal

Once again my foodie parcel was a bit lot late – it was worth waiting for though if only for the chocolate! I had a few items from overseas this time as my penpal Kelly was going abroad on holiday before sending my parcel, so I was looking forward to receiving things I may not necessarily have had before.

In there was a mixture of sweet & savoury items.

First up the yummy sweet treats:

  • a bar of 72% dark chocolate with almonds. I usually eat milk chocolate so this was a lovely change. Sickly because it is so strong, but delicious!
  • Reese’s peanut butter cups. This was the first thing I tucked into, I love these!
  • a jar of homemade raspberry jam which Kelly’s friend made. I haven’t had chance to tuck into this yet but it looks lovely.
And the savoury items (none of which I’ve had chance to try yet but am very much looking forward to doing so!):
  • a jar of chipotle ketchup. I usually get sent a jar of spicy ketchup or sauce or similar, so am building up quite a collection!
  • some fresh saffron. I’ve never cooked with it before as it’s expensive so I’m looking forward to making something with this.
  • a jar of a selection of chilli/spice mixes for cooking. I love these little jars, I also have an Italian mix one.
  • some Egyptian dukkah. I had to search this but basically it is a mix of nuts, seeds & spices and is good for dipping bread with olive oil.
  • pimenton dulce – I also had to search this and it turns out to be sweet smoked paprika, yummy.

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The Lean Green Bean