This month my parcel came from Jemma in Wales. I always love trying local goods from other areas in other countries so I was excited to see what I would receive.

First up, some local goodies:

  • lamb & mint welsh potato crisps. My first thought on finding these was ‘Yum!’. I’ve been saving these for our car journey today.
  • local Welshcakes. These are delicious, on their own or with butter and/or jam.
Jemma lives in a multicultural area so I also received:


  • harissa paste. I’ve wanted to try some kind of recipe with this for ages so it was very welcomed.
  • pistachio & almond cookies. These are delicious & moreish. (Hubby likes them too). I might have to try and recreate these.
  • chai latte. This was sent because Jemma thought it had caffeine in it (I always say I love coffee!) but it doesn’t… But no matter, I had recently discovered it and it’s one of my new favourite hot drinks anyway!
And finally:
  • orange flavour infused raisins. I’ve received these in a couple of different flavours before so it was a pleasant surprise to receive a different flavour. They are good!
  • cinnamon apple sprinkles. I already have an idea of what I’m going to use these for (it obviously involves cake).

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