21 weeks

(Slight TMI warning towards the end! Well maybe for you but not much is TMI for me!)

Today is the 21 weeks mark! I really cannot believe how fast it’s going!

Tomorrow is scan day, I’m sure it will have been well worth the wait when we get to see baby again! I’ve been doing the worrying thing again lately, that there’s going to be something wrong, but I’m sure everything is okay. Just want to make sure our baby is growing well and there’s nothing wrong. We’re on team finding out, if baby has his/her legs uncrossed and lets us see! I’m thinking team blue, hubby is thinking team pink! Have thought blue since about 6/7 weeks, so I’m hoping I’m right, NOT because I want a boy rather than a girl, just I don’t like being proven wrong! LOL. I will be absolutely over the moon if it is a girl, although shocked, as I’m adamant it’s a boy!

Not much to update this week, except that on Tuesday I had a slight embarrassing mishap involving breasts and a wet patch! Well, at first I noticed a dry patch, then had another look and a  wet patch! Oh my goodness! So glad I was at home and not out and about, that would have been MEGA embarrassing! I mean, I was expecting it of course, but not this early at 20+2! I told a friend and she said it was unusual this early, but not abnormal, so my body is still being a pain then!… (Insert rolling eyes smiley here)

Leaving you with my most recent bump pic at 20+5.

Boy or girl?

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