Project 365, 2015 (days 39-45)

Day 39 / February 8th
I couldn’t choose today as I love J’s concentration playing with his dinosaurs in the first photo; and the second, N had a late nap so wouldn’t go to sleep at his normal bed time so we left him and he finally dropped here!

Day 40 / February 9th
We had Slimming World fakeaway kebab for tea tonight. It was nice, but it definitely can’t beat a takeaway one!

Day 41 / February 10th
This came in one of my presents from hubby at Christmas – a Reese’s/peanut hamper – and I’ve only just got around to eating it (I’ve never had one before). It was 14.5 syns but oh my gosh it was worth it!

Day 42 / February 11th
J was at nursery today and after we picked him up we went shopping. He must have been very tired from nursery! You can definitely tell they’re brothers…
Day 43 / February 12th
A couple of days after the fact, but I managed to get my half stone award this week, four weeks in!

Day 44 / February 13th
The boys had an apple picnic today. They often do this! (The look on N’s face!)

Day 45 / February 14th
I’m not sure what N was doing before this shot, but I love it!
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