A to Z of Family – J is for (little man) J

In the A to Z of Family series, what could J be for, other than little man J?

He is one of the main subjects of this blog, so of course it had to be.

3 years (and 2 days) ago, we saw J for the first time. He was a little blob on the ultrasound screen. We had waited over 2.5 years for this moment.

It was magical. Surreal. That was our much waited for, much longed for, clomid baby. He looked perfect.

He arrived into our lives a week and a day later than he was supposed to. But he was so worth the wait. My first words when I saw him were “He’s beautiful”.

Nowadays, he is a lively, cheeky, intelligent, clever, if not somewhat stroppy, gorgeous little man.

Some days, he drives me up the wall and I can’t wait for his Daddy to get home to save me. (That sounds awful, but it’s true!).

Other days, he is the most loving, caring son & brother. I treasure the bad days, I treasure every day, but these days makes the bad ones worth it.

He is him. He couldn’t be any other way. If he was, he wouldn’t be J, would he?

And I love him. From the bottom of my heart.

He is my original little man.

A to Z of Family

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