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Once again my foodie parcel was a bit lot late – it was worth waiting for though if only for the chocolate! I had a few items from overseas this time as my penpal Kelly was going abroad on holiday before sending my parcel, so I was looking forward to receiving things I may not necessarily have had before.

In there was a mixture of sweet & savoury items.

First up the yummy sweet treats:

  • a bar of 72% dark chocolate with almonds. I usually eat milk chocolate so this was a lovely change. Sickly because it is so strong, but delicious!
  • Reese’s peanut butter cups. This was the first thing I tucked into, I love these!
  • a jar of homemade raspberry jam which Kelly’s friend made. I haven’t had chance to tuck into this yet but it looks lovely.
And the savoury items (none of which I’ve had chance to try yet but am very much looking forward to doing so!):
  • a jar of chipotle ketchup. I usually get sent a jar of spicy ketchup or sauce or similar, so am building up quite a collection!
  • some fresh saffron. I’ve never cooked with it before as it’s expensive so I’m looking forward to making something with this.
  • a jar of a selection of chilli/spice mixes for cooking. I love these little jars, I also have an Italian mix one.
  • some Egyptian dukkah. I had to search this but basically it is a mix of nuts, seeds & spices and is good for dipping bread with olive oil.
  • pimenton dulce – I also had to search this and it turns out to be sweet smoked paprika, yummy.

If you wish to find out more about Foodie Penpals and join in, visit Rock Salt for more details.

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  1. Wow, what a fab parcel to receive!

  2. This looks amazing!

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