Foodie Penpals – April reveal

After a couple of issues and setbacks last month regarding the posting of my parcel from my penpal Kim, I finally received it this week – better late than never as they say!

Anyhow, it was worth the wait in the end as it contained lots of yummy items. First up some naughty sweet stuff:

  • a chocolate cake bar – I’ve just tucked into this but I had a pear afterwards, so that cancels it out, right?…
  • a mini pack of Lotus biscuits – I’ve had these before and they are delicious.
  • a Reese’s NutRageous bar – I love these as I love peanut butter so it was the first thing I ate!

Next up were some healthier items. Gratefully received as I’m trying to be good at the minute (most of the time anyway!) as I really want to get to my goal weight this time around, and am trying to eat healthier snacks instead of chocolate bars, biscuits and crisps every time.

  • a single portion of dorset cereals muesli – I haven’t tried this version yet so I’m going to have this for breakfast tomorrow. I love the colour of the packaging too!
  • a pack of apple crisps.
  • a pack of apple & strawberry clusters.
  • a pack of sultanas, apricots & apple. 

And finally:

  • a pack of pear & vanilla tea – I haven’t tried this yet but it sounds interesting!
  • some cupcake cases for my love of baking them!
  • some orange & ginger jam – this sounds like a lovely flavour combination.
  • and some fajita stir in sauce. I love spicy food and usually make my own spice mix but this will come in handy when I  can’t be bothered!

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The Lean Green Bean

Foodie Penpals – March reveal

This month my Foodie Penpals parcel came from the lovely Marjan all the way over in The Netherlands! I always love receiving my parcel from overseas as it means I get to try to local foods that I probably wouldn’t get the chance to otherwise.

The parcel made me smile straight away when I opened it to this gorgeous postcard with a glimpse of The Netherlands. I have visited a few times and I forgot how beautiful it was. I’ve also never tried any regional foods from there!

First up were these cheese biscuits – quite like ones we get over here. Still, yummy and very moreish – kind of like the taste of cheese straws.

Next up, ‘Old Amsterdam’ cheese. I haven’t gotten around to trying it yet but I’m sure it’ll be delicious – I love cheese!

First of the sweet items which Marjan included, these waffles with syrup. They are very sweet so just one is enough for me. They are so nice though. I had one straight out of the packet for the purposes of this post, but Marjan says they are lovely just blitzed in the microwave too – I will try that next time. 

Next up, these mini Easter eggs, of four different flavours – milk, dark, white & mocha. Also very moreish and hubby & I polished off the lot in one sitting! I thought they were nicer than the ones we get over here…

Finally, a smaller version of the traditional bread which is eaten at Easter in the Netherlands. This was one of my favourites in the parcel – it reminded me a little of Stollen as it had marzipan through the middle. I could probably eat the whole of the normal sized version of this!

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The Lean Green Bean

Foodie Penpals – February reveal

Right, so I am a lot late with my reveal for February’s foodie penpals. My labour started on reveal date and I hadn’t written this post by then, and I have still been trying to find my feet as a mummy of two and finding time for blogging (must find some kind of routine!). Anyway, here it is – better late than never?!

My parcel for February came from the lovely Carol from Wales who blogs over at Corpulent Capers. As ever, I was excited and eager to see what was in my parcel – especially as I told her in my email that I was pregnant and nearing my due date with a very sweet tooth! 

So what did I see first when I opened it?!…

Well first up was some clotted cream shortbread. I only usually ever have shortbread at Christmas so this was a lovely item to receive. There were two large rounds, and it took me two sittings to eat them – one round at a time! Delicious. 
Next up, a lovely home made jam – carrot cake flavour. I found this very intriguing and had no idea what it would taste like. It is ‘a pear, pineapple and carrot jam with added spices’ – my mouth was watering when I read this description. There are many ways this could be eaten but I tried it on cream crackers with cream cheese – yummy. The jam itself is very sweet but has a lovely tangy taste to it. 

The next item I pulled out was this peanut brittle. I haven’t had anything like this for years so it was one of the first things I tucked into. I was expecting it to be quite hard but it was soft and easy to eat, in fact it could have been peanut fudge as it had that kind of texture. It didn’t last long either! 

Also in my package was this little bag of sweets (tied with a cute ribbon) from a popular sweet shop in Abergavenny. They are mint so they kept me going through my labour. 

And finally, on the savoury side, was this curry spice mix. It is ‘tantalizing tikka’ flavour which is a good choice as it’s usually hubby’s preferred option. I haven’t gotten around to trying it yet but I’m sure I will soon as we love a curry!

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Foodie Penpals – July reveal

Sorry I’m a little late with my reveal for July, I’ve had such a lot going on in the last week and not found time to open my parcel let alone write my post up. 

Anyway, my parcel this month came from the lovely Kelly in Scotland. I received my parcel a little late this month as Kelly was going away and I had such a lot going on that I replied late, so I had to wait until she came back – though totally my fault, not hers! It was worth the wait anyway, as always. Though I haven’t had chance to try a lot yet, but looking forward to doing so. 

I received a lovely little card and a handwritten note this month, explaining what all of the products were:

Here’s a peek of all the goodies. Lots of variety as usual from my penpals!: 
I love to receive international foods and different flavours I haven’t tried before, and that’s what I got this month. Kelly lives in a very multicultural area so she wanted to give me a ‘taste’ of it, so to speak.
So, for the savoury things:

– Some chilli & lemon toasted corn. I’m looking forward to trying this as I love chilli and lemon flavours, but I haven’t had them together as of yet. I am assured it is lovely and moreish though!

– Henderson’s Sauce flavoured crisps which Kelly picked up in Yorkshire whilst she was away. I love locally made crisps as they usually have that amazing crunch to them; the same goes for these, they’re a lush flavour too, a little like Worcestershire sauce.

– A packet of duck flavour noodles, a favourite with the students apparently as they’re nicer than Pot Noodles! I love duck so I’m looking forward to trying these.

– A pack of biryani masala mix. This is one of our favourite takeaway dishes so I’m already planning when to use this. 

– A sachet of marinade for pork ribs. Ribs are a bit of a delicacy for us so I’m looking forward to trying this too! 
– And some ‘Holy Basil’ seasoning paste – Kelly sent me this because she loved the name of it! I have to say it is a rather cool name! I’m thinking it might be nice with some kind of chicken & tomato dish. 
And now for the sweet goodies:

– A peanut flavoured Lion bar. Kelly had never heard of these until she visited her local Polish deli; I had and they are really yum, so I was delighted to find it in my package.

– A ‘Ba!’ cereal bar. Again I love the name! It was delicious too, little man can also vouch for that…

– Some Tunnocks Caramel wafer biscuits. I’m sure everyone knows what these are, again, delighted to find these!

– Some Pepero chocolate sticks, a Korean version of Mikado with almonds, so a nice light snack. In fact I’m munching on them right now!

– And finally, some mint tea from a local company. I always like finding local produce in my packages, just in case I ever happen to visit the area my parcel came from. 

I won’t be taking part in the swap for August, but if you would like to find out more and join in, take a look over on the Rock Salt blog.

Foodie Penpals – June reveal

First up, sorry I’m a little late again, I have had lots going on! So June’s parcel came from the lovely Michelle from Scotland. As always I cannot wait to open it; this month was no different. And again as always, it turned out to be a fabulous parcel. I like it when the goodies are hidden like this as it’s even more of a surprise!


I also loved the cute envelope which my note came in.

So here is a look at the full contents of the parcel. There was a good mix of sweet & savoury things, which I always like to have. And a few Scottish goodies which was fabulous as I love everything about Scotland. 

Here are the savoury goodies I received. Some balsamic dressing – yes I know it says ‘sweet’ on it  but it’s chilli flavour. I haven’t tried this yet but it will be lovely with some chicken I think. Some oatcakes – I love traditional oatcakes, these ones are sundried tomato flavour. Again, not tried them yet, but I will be certain to be snacking on them sometime soon. Some ‘proper’ popcorn – I’m saving this for when hubby and I have a date night, staying in! Haggis & cracked black pepper crisps – all the times I have been to Scotland, I’ve never tried haggis even though I’ve been meaning to. Well I’ve kind of tried it now! These are yummy, I love the Mackie’s brand too. Some togarashi seasoning. I’ve never heard of this so will be trying it on a dish for hubby & I as it’s quite spicy. And some grown your own chilli seeds! I need to get these planted. 

And now for the sweet goodies! A jar of ‘creme de marrons’ – this is a chestnut puree. Michelle sent a lovely looking recipe for a chocolate chestnut roulade which she makes at Christmas, so I’m going to save this for then. Some fruity porridge in a pot. I haven’t tried this yet but I do love the pot as it’s pink! Some Lotus caramelised biscuits – I never dare open biscuits when hubby is around as he’s a biscuit fiend so I’m scared he’ll eat them all! But I NEED them all now, right?… Finally, some traditional Scottish tablet – you cannot go to Scotland and not have some tablet, so I was delighted when I saw this. I’ve only eaten half of it already though as I do find it quite sickly, but delicious & creamy. And then, the non food item, some cute ‘eat me’ cupcake decorations. I’m going to use these for some of my fundraiser cupcakes next month! 

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