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This month my Foodie Penpals parcel came from the lovely Marjan all the way over in The Netherlands! I always love receiving my parcel from overseas as it means I get to try to local foods that I probably wouldn’t get the chance to otherwise.

The parcel made me smile straight away when I opened it to this gorgeous postcard with a glimpse of The Netherlands. I have visited a few times and I forgot how beautiful it was. I’ve also never tried any regional foods from there!

First up were these cheese biscuits – quite like ones we get over here. Still, yummy and very moreish – kind of like the taste of cheese straws.

Next up, ‘Old Amsterdam’ cheese. I haven’t gotten around to trying it yet but I’m sure it’ll be delicious – I love cheese!

First of the sweet items which Marjan included, these waffles with syrup. They are very sweet so just one is enough for me. They are so nice though. I had one straight out of the packet for the purposes of this post, but Marjan says they are lovely just blitzed in the microwave too – I will try that next time. 

Next up, these mini Easter eggs, of four different flavours – milk, dark, white & mocha. Also very moreish and hubby & I polished off the lot in one sitting! I thought they were nicer than the ones we get over here…

Finally, a smaller version of the traditional bread which is eaten at Easter in the Netherlands. This was one of my favourites in the parcel – it reminded me a little of Stollen as it had marzipan through the middle. I could probably eat the whole of the normal sized version of this!

If you wish to find out more about Foodie Penpals and join in, visit Rock Salt for more details.

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