Project 365 – Week 13 (days 82 – 88)

March 23rd / Day 82
J is actually trying to cuddle N here – N looks terrified! 

March 24th / Day 83
J was feeling a bit under the weather this evening so after fussing, he fell asleep curled up on me in our bed.

March 25th / Day 84
Just a standard sleeping baby photo.

March 26th / Day 85
I was trying to get a photo of J’s hair here as I thought it looked like the woolly mammoth from Ice Age!

March 27th / Day 86
I couldn’t be bothered to do anything this evening so it was sofa snuggle time with N – with J in the background!

March 28th / Day 87
We went for our monthly sleepover at Nanna’s tonight and this was the first time J has slept out of the travel cot, in his new ready bed. With George photo-bombing of course.

March 29th / Day 88
Playing with his train set at Nanna’s before going home.

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