Foodie Penpals – May reveal

My foodie penpal for this month was Rebecca over at Really Nice Food. And guess what, she sent me some really nice food! Through our emails, I was intrigued as to what I was going to receive, as I said I like spicy food, and she asked me if I like really spicy food…

When my parcel arrived it was a huge box, so I was even more intrigued! I guessed there was a  few breakable items as everything in there was well packed.

Asian & Caribbean foodie penpals items

I was excited to see Asian and Caribbean products in there, it’s the type of food I just love. 
Asian & Caribbean foodie penpals products
All of my items

Asian & Caribbean foodie penpals itemsSo the biggest item in there was a bag of Panko breadcrumbs. I have actually come across recipes before that require these, but I didn’t know what they were, or where I could buy them, so I avoided the recipe! I’ll have to be trying them out now. Also in there was a big tub of paprika. Now this is really handy as I sometimes coat our homemade chips in paprika before baking them (I currently have a tub open already though so will be saving this for future).
Asian & Caribbean foodie penpals itemsI also received a bag of mild Caribbean curry powder, which I used tonight. I usually just use a Levi Roots sauce if I make a Caribbean curry, so its nice to have this in to make one with now. There was also some tamarind sauce. I tried tamarind for the first time when we visited Market Kitchen a few years ago, and it was so nice, so I’m delighted I received this. And it will be all mine as hubby isn’t keen! A little tub of Thai chilli seasoning powder was in there, we like Thai so will look forward to using this. Now for the really hot stuff – a jar of hot pepper sauce… I’ve been meaning to try some of this for ages but have been putting it off – a bit of the wuss factor I think! But as someone else bought me it, I thought it was the perfect time. I used it to season grilled chicken, and baked chunky chips. At first it was SO hot, but I soon get use to spice so it was quite fine then, but think I’ll just be using it for dips etc. in future as it’s way too hot for hubby. Finally, some chipotle jalapeno chillies. I will be attempting to make this sauce with it, as I was a bit stuck what to do with them but somebody pointed me towards it. All in all, a lovely hot box! 
To find out more about Foodie Penpals and to request to join, pop over to Rock Salt.

#foodiepenpals – April reveal

This month my penpal was the lovely fellow baking addict Rachel over at Jaques, it rhymes with cakes (I love the blog name!). 

I was delighted to open my parcel, once again filled with baking goodies! There were a couple of savoury bits in there too but will go into a little more detail further down.

First thing I noticed were some recipe sheets, all sweet things! One of these was for marshmallow cupcakes from the Hummingbird Bakery Book – now I thought I had this one, but I don’t – it’s Cake Days which I have, so no wonder I didn’t remember coming across it! Of course I know the vanilla frosting one though, one of the other recipes! There was also one for raspberry & amaretti crunch cake – now this sounds delicious! I think it might have to be my first bake after this week’s challenge is over!

So for the baking related stuff – first up some cupcake cases – you can never have too many cupcake cases! And I didn’t actually have these ones, so they were perfect. Also a single cupcake box – she sent this as she thought a single cupcake gift was a lovely idea – indeed it is, now I have to find someone special to use it for! (Teehee). A heart shaped biscuit cutter – these are great too; another thing which I have many of, but not a heart shaped one! Now for the edible sweet things – some pearl decorations – once again, you can never have too many cake decorations! (In actual fact, can you ever have too much of anything cake related?!).

Some yogurt raisins – these are for the little man to enjoy whilst I’m eating a yummy creation, very thoughtful of Rachel! A  big pack of marshmallows – these were obviously for the marshmallow cupcakes! Now, I did attempt these, but I think I must have done something wrong, as they looked nothing like Rachel’s over on her blog! They were still yummy though – apart from the rock hard melted marshmallow – think I need to attempt that one again… Some ground almonds – these are for the crunch cake (my mouth is watering just thinking about even making it!). 
And then for the couple of savoury bits – some Nando’s BBQ chicken seasoning – to go with my love of spice. Can’t wait to try this, think it will be nice on some chicken in a deli wrap, with some salad. And some somaq spice – I’ve never heard of this before, but Rachel says it is nice sprinkled in casserole, so I will have to be trying that.

Thank you to Rachel for another great foodie penpals parcel! 

#foodiepenpals – March reveal

Firstly, I must apologise for being late with this post. Little man has an ear infection, and has been clingy & grumpy, and I just totally forgot… Oops.

Anyway, my penpal who sent my parcel this month was the lovely Kerys from Little Bo Blab (definitely checkout her blog, it’s fab, even on the first look!). 

Big smiles straight away when I opened up my package as it arrived in this gorgeous box: 

It was all a bit like a Russian doll as I had the outer layer, then the box, then my little note in an envelope, and then tissue paper to open up and discover my goodies!: 

So what did I find? 

Some bits & pieces for baking that were picked around an Easter theme, including some cupcake cases, the cute fluffy chicks (love these!), and the sugar flowers. We are visiting friends on Monday so I’m going to be using the chicks tomorrow! 

I also found a Caramel egg and a mini Lindt bunny – both demolished! I love Caramel eggs and could eat them every day so very good choice there! 

There were some chilli peanuts. I keep meaning to open these to snack on but with a 1 year old currently keeping me on my toes I just grab the first thing I see! I also received some Fudges cheddar wafers, also not tried yet but I am very much looking forward to trying them. But again, two of the things I love, chilli & cheese! 

Finally, there was some Moroccan spiced chutney from The English Provender Co. Now this, this is just gorgeous. It is yummy enough to eat straight from the jar! It tastes a little like one of my favourite Indian curries (totally different cuisine, I know…), an achari. It has a similar sweet taste. 

So once again, thank you very much! 

#foodiepenpals – February reveal

This month I was paired with the lovely Jessi from Doctorate Housewife, who revealed that she resides in Brussels, Belgium, so I was looking forward to some yummy Belgian treats! Well my wishes came true:

Crisps! I love crisps. These are a new pesto & mozzarella flavour, I haven’t got around to trying them yet but I think I’m going to tonight. The crackers I’m going to try some sprinkled over a potato & bacon casserole like Jessi suggested, and then the rest I will snack on! I had the hazelnut bar of chocolate last night – yum! I’m looking forward to snacking on the chocolate & cranberry flakes, though I can imagine once I open them I might want to eat the whole pack!… The butter vanilla flavouring I think I’m going to use for little man’s birthday cupcakes. And the speculoos biscuits, I’m resisting opening them because I want to try some of the recipes on Jessi’s blog!

Once again another awesome parcel, I can’t wait to see what next month brings! 

#foodiepenpals – January reveal

This month I was paired with Anne over at Random Things Through My Letterbox. I had a little chuckle to myself when I saw her location, as we live rather close, in towns next to each other, and were paired randomly! How odd! 

Anyhow, I received my lovely package, and was rather excited to see it full of goodies. 

I had some fondant icing in there, which will come in handy for little man’s birthday cupcakes! The Mr Tom peanut bars, I haven’t those for ages and had forgotten how yummy they were. I’ve demolished one so far. The apple, blueberry, plum & strawberry fruit & fibre pots are rather nice, and a good way to get my fruit for the day, and fibre, both of which I struggle with sometimes. There was some teabags – peppermint leaves, and liquorice & peppermint – which I haven’t tried yet but am rather intrigued by the liquorice one! I was over the moon to see cheese (I’m a bit of a cheese addict), especially with garlic as it’s one of my favourites, yummy. 

There were a few seasoning’s for meat, which is handy because sometimes I just can’t be bothered to make my own! I’m especially looking forward to trying the piri piri and the Mexican chilli chicken. Some blended salts which I’m intrigued to try as I’ve never come across these before. Some chocolate milk sippers, I love these things, just like a big kid! Dime bar chocolate, and a cappuccino chocolate bar, yummy! These are somehow still sat in the cupboard! (I’m trying to be good so will tuck in when I need a treat). And I love my cupcake spatula, another cupcake piece to add to my expanding collection!