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After a couple of issues and setbacks last month regarding the posting of my parcel from my penpal Kim, I finally received it this week – better late than never as they say!

Anyhow, it was worth the wait in the end as it contained lots of yummy items. First up some naughty sweet stuff:

  • a chocolate cake bar – I’ve just tucked into this but I had a pear afterwards, so that cancels it out, right?…
  • a mini pack of Lotus biscuits – I’ve had these before and they are delicious.
  • a Reese’s NutRageous bar – I love these as I love peanut butter so it was the first thing I ate!

Next up were some healthier items. Gratefully received as I’m trying to be good at the minute (most of the time anyway!) as I really want to get to my goal weight this time around, and am trying to eat healthier snacks instead of chocolate bars, biscuits and crisps every time.

  • a single portion of dorset cereals muesli – I haven’t tried this version yet so I’m going to have this for breakfast tomorrow. I love the colour of the packaging too!
  • a pack of apple crisps.
  • a pack of apple & strawberry clusters.
  • a pack of sultanas, apricots & apple. 

And finally:

  • a pack of pear & vanilla tea – I haven’t tried this yet but it sounds interesting!
  • some cupcake cases for my love of baking them!
  • some orange & ginger jam – this sounds like a lovely flavour combination.
  • and some fajita stir in sauce. I love spicy food and usually make my own spice mix but this will come in handy when I  can’t be bothered!

If you wish to find out more about foodie Penpals and join in, visit Rock Salt for more details.

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