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Sorry I’m a little late with my reveal for July, I’ve had such a lot going on in the last week and not found time to open my parcel let alone write my post up. 

Anyway, my parcel this month came from the lovely Kelly in Scotland. I received my parcel a little late this month as Kelly was going away and I had such a lot going on that I replied late, so I had to wait until she came back – though totally my fault, not hers! It was worth the wait anyway, as always. Though I haven’t had chance to try a lot yet, but looking forward to doing so. 

I received a lovely little card and a handwritten note this month, explaining what all of the products were:

Here’s a peek of all the goodies. Lots of variety as usual from my penpals!: 
I love to receive international foods and different flavours I haven’t tried before, and that’s what I got this month. Kelly lives in a very multicultural area so she wanted to give me a ‘taste’ of it, so to speak.
So, for the savoury things:

– Some chilli & lemon toasted corn. I’m looking forward to trying this as I love chilli and lemon flavours, but I haven’t had them together as of yet. I am assured it is lovely and moreish though!

– Henderson’s Sauce flavoured crisps which Kelly picked up in Yorkshire whilst she was away. I love locally made crisps as they usually have that amazing crunch to them; the same goes for these, they’re a lush flavour too, a little like Worcestershire sauce.

– A packet of duck flavour noodles, a favourite with the students apparently as they’re nicer than Pot Noodles! I love duck so I’m looking forward to trying these.

– A pack of biryani masala mix. This is one of our favourite takeaway dishes so I’m already planning when to use this. 

– A sachet of marinade for pork ribs. Ribs are a bit of a delicacy for us so I’m looking forward to trying this too! 
– And some ‘Holy Basil’ seasoning paste – Kelly sent me this because she loved the name of it! I have to say it is a rather cool name! I’m thinking it might be nice with some kind of chicken & tomato dish. 
And now for the sweet goodies:

– A peanut flavoured Lion bar. Kelly had never heard of these until she visited her local Polish deli; I had and they are really yum, so I was delighted to find it in my package.

– A ‘Ba!’ cereal bar. Again I love the name! It was delicious too, little man can also vouch for that…

– Some Tunnocks Caramel wafer biscuits. I’m sure everyone knows what these are, again, delighted to find these!

– Some Pepero chocolate sticks, a Korean version of Mikado with almonds, so a nice light snack. In fact I’m munching on them right now!

– And finally, some mint tea from a local company. I always like finding local produce in my packages, just in case I ever happen to visit the area my parcel came from. 

I won’t be taking part in the swap for August, but if you would like to find out more and join in, take a look over on the Rock Salt blog.

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