Foodie Penpals – July reveal

This month my foodie penpals parcel came from Kevin over at The Crafty Larder (you really should check his blog out as there are some fantabulous recipes on there – seriously, go on, do it).

I think this parcel was one of my favourite ones yet. Though I have said it before this parcel was very ‘me’ and a lot of thought was put into it.

First up, a few savoury bits:

  • Vietnamese dipping sauce. I haven’t had Vietnamese yet but I’m looking forward to trying this with spring rolls (or some other kind of appetiser)
  • Thai chilli rice crackers. These were the first thing I we tucked into – J very much enjoyed these too as he kept asking for more! I will certainly be buying these again as they are a very yummy snack
  • smokehouse flavour almonds. I haven’t tried these yet but I imagine these will make a yummy snack too.

Next up the sweet things:


  • peanut butter flavour hot drink. I had to tuck into this on the evening that my parcel arrived. It is so nice. I will be trying out some recipes with it too, so watch this space!
  • home made lime curd. I haven’t tried this yet but I imagine it will be delicious on a plain vanilla loaf cake
  • chilli & orange chocolate. I’ve never had chilli flavour chocolate before so I’m very much looking forward to trying this – I’m just waiting for the right time when J has driven me mad I’m desperate for a treat
  • home made vanilla paste. I’ve been meaning to try vanilla paste rather than extract for ages, so I must get baking now! (The recipe is over on Kevin’s blog)
  • paper straws. I have been after some of these for aaages (small things) so I was delighted when I saw them! These will be great in cupcakes or for a milkshake or smoothie in one of those mason drinking jars.

If you wish to find out more about Foodie Penpals and join in, visit Rock Salt for more details.

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