The ‘Berry’ Pregnancy Diaries – week 11

Wednesday 7th August – 11w
So I am 11 weeks pregnant today! I can’t believe how quickly it’s going either. But I have had an awful lot going on since we got our BFP, so maybe that’s why, I just haven’t had the time to think too much about it. Which is a good thing, as I was determined to worry myself about it! 

I got weighed today, and I’ve only gained 1lb so far – by this point in my pregnancy with little man, I had already gained around 5lbs. I’m determined not to gain as much as I did with him, as I never lost it all before falling pregnant again. Very proud of myself so far. 

Thursday 8th August – 11w 1d
After losing MiL last week, we lost my Grandad today. Devastated. Number 1, to even lose my Grandad, and number 2, that this is happening all over again so soon. My hormones just cannot take it at the minute. I cannot stop crying tears. I cannot stop the heartache. Hormones in overdrive, equals a very emotional pregnant Stacey. 

Also because of all of this, I am just drained, exhausted, I can’t function. I felt really ill this morning and was counting the hours until hubby came home from work. I’m just not a very good Mummy to little man lately, and I feel awful, he deserves better. 

Friday 9th August – 11w 2d
Felt shattered all day again today. I’m so snappy, tearful, and feel like I’m going to have a huge breakdown at any point. I just don’t see the point. Until I look at my gorgeous boy and think about little berry. 

I had my first midwife visit (other than my booking appointment) today too. It was mainly to take some more bloods after my last ones.I told the midwife it was to check my iron stores, and she said yes, I was looking a little pale actually! I can tell this pregnancy isn’t going to be a smooth one… Whilst I was there she also did a quick MOT on me. My blood pressure was fine, she sent my urine sample off though as I never did one at my booking. 

Saturday 10th August – 11w 3d
I had a good sleep last night, and feel SO much better than I have the last few days! I think having a good cry yesterday might have played a part. I think I just need to keep busy to be honest, to take my mind off things. Luckily I have a few things going on over the next few days. Today we were at a BBQ party, tomorrow we’re going to FiL’s, Monday we’re going swimming and a picnic (depending on the weather forecast!) with friends, and Tuesday I’m going to an Usbourne book party. I’ve been having a peek on the website already! 

Sunday 11th August – 11w 4d
I was absolutely shattered after yesterday’s fun and I was in bed earlier than little man last night – how he was still awake and running about when we got home last night, I do not know! 

I didn’t go to FiL’s in the end, I stayed at home whilst little man went with Daddy – I was glad of the rest to be honest! 

Monday 12th August – 11w 5d
Up early this morning to go swimming! I must have had another good sleep as I was up way earlier than the two men, I even had to wake the little man up to have his milk before we left! I haven’t been swimming in years – maybe because I can’t actually swim – but I actually enjoyed myself, was good to take my mind off things. It tired me out though and I was all ready for a sleep when we left! 

At week 11, berry is the size of a fig.
The head accounts for about one-third to half of the body’s length. 
The ears are moving to the final position on the side of the head.
The irises are developing, revealing the eye colour. 
The fingers & toes are separating.
The placenta is developing rapidly.
The organs are almost formed.
Berry is already busy kicking and stretching!

The ‘Berry’ Pregnancy Diaries – week 10

Okay, so this diary will look a little odd as at my scan I was put back by 3 days, meaning some of this diary is actually during 9 weeks, so it looks like it’s repeated from the last one! Also, I haven’t written an awful lot this week as my mother-in-law passed away so have had a lot on my mind other than recording my diary. 

Sunday 28th July – 9w 4d
It’s scan day tomorrow! I’m feeling excited but nervous at the same time.

I’ve also got a teeny tiny bump forming. Well, I have a lot of chub too, but you can see the bump above my belly button, at least! 

Monday 29th July – 9w 5d
It was scan day! So glad it was in the morning so we didn’t have any waiting around all day. I’m not going to repeat it all again, so you can find the full story here. As usual, it was such an amazing experience. And as I am not as far on as the midwife said (which I knew I wouldn’t be), we get another scan at the end of the month. We told MIL (who is currently very ill in a hospice) our new due date, and she was over the moon as it is her birthday. She simply said “That’s what I wanted”, which made me rather emotional.

Scan photo of our 'berry'
Berry at 9w 5d

Tuesday 30th July – 9w 6d
MIL is really ill today and we were told she has hours rather than days left now. I just know she was waiting for the news we told her yesterday, so she could go in peace. 

Wednesday 1st August -10 w
MIL passed away today. R.I.P to an amazing woman. I told her that we would never let little man forget her, the same going for berry. We will show photos so they always remember. 

Thursday 2nd August -10w 1d
I had a phone call from the midwives today about my booking bloods. I have to go back for another blood test as the results showed that although my iron levels were okay, my iron stores were looking low, so they need to pinpoint where so we can rectify it. It makes sense as I was very anemic after little man so maybe they didn’t build right back up again. 

Saturday 4th August – 10w 3d
Had such an emotional day today. It’s been exactly 8 months since we lost bean, and coincidentally I am 10+3 today, which was the point at which bean went to heaven. So it has really affected me today. 

Also been thinking about MIL a lot, and I think the enormity of it all has suddenly hit me as I have been in tears all night. 

Sunday 5th August – 10w 4d
I am SO tired today, I feel like I could fall asleep at any time, anywhere! To be honest it’s probably all my emotions building up. Little man has had a very early night though so at least I’ve had a chance to sit down for more than 5 minutes for once! 

Tuesday 6th August- 10w 6d
I’ve had a bit of peace & quiet and relaxation today as little man went out with Daddy to see Grandad. I needed it as like I said on Sunday, I’m so tired lately and starting to feel dizzy again, a lot. My appetite is definitely coming back though! 

At week 10, berry is the size of a prune.
Ears are starting to develop and their ear canals are forming.
The jawbones are developing, already containing milk teeth.
Tiny nails are starting to grow on fingers and toes.
The heart is now fully formed, beating 180 times a minute.
Berry is moving already, which can be seen on an ultrasound scan!

The ‘Berry’ Pregnancy Diaries – week 7

Monday 8th July – 7w 1d
Had the tiniest bit of spotting this morning – it was literally the size of a pin prick but obviously I went straight into worry/panic mode. I made an appointment with my fab nurse to see if I could either have a blood test or an early scan. I had a blood test to check hormone levels and she said she would ring me tomorrow afternoon with the results. Just have to try and relax a bit.

Tuesday 9th July – 7w 2d
Waited all day for a phone call and heard nothing. Going to call first thing in the morning, and have another night of worrying I suppose. I’ve had no more blood or pains since yesterday though so feeling a little more positive. 

Wednesday 10th July – 7w 3d
So I called the surgery pretty much as soon as they opened this morning. The receptionist told me you can only call for blood results between 2pm-6pm, but they were closed for training this afternoon. So yet another day of worrying.

Thursday 11th July – 7w 4d
By the way, today is our 5th wedding anniversary! So up until 2pm, today felt like it dragged so much. As soon as the clock turned 2pm, I was straight on the phone to the surgery. The receptionist gave me the worst possible news – my blood results showed negative for a pregnancy. I asked her to confirm it, and she did. I just couldn’t believe it. How? Also she said there was a note on there for someone to ring, but obviously no one did. Annoyed. I asked for an appointment to discuss what to do next, i.e. go for a scan to confirm it. I managed to get one for this afternoon which I was pleased about. I told the dr I’d had a negative blood test, and she had a look at my file. She asked who told me that, so I told her, the receptionist. She then told me that it was wrong, as it showed very high hormone levels! For the 2nd time today, I couldn’t believe it, but I was so relieved. She was as confused as I was, so she went to double check with another dr and sure enough, it was as she had said. We were obviously both a bit shocked, but I was also relieved; and angry, frustrated, that I had been told what I had, over the phone. My immediate thought was to write a letter of complaint. Receptionists should just not be ale to give out such important results over the phone, obviously without proper training. What a day. 

Friday 12th July – 7w 5d
Felt really unwell today. So dizzy every time I stand up. Think it could be the heat too, I’m keeping hydrated though and trying to rest when possible! Also another celeb tragedy, I made Alan Whicker die.

Saturday 13th July – 7w 6d
More pregnancy dreams. Last night I dreamed our neighbour put her child in a dustbin because it was crying and wouldn’t shut up! Most of my pregnancy dreams are funny, but I really do hate them sometimes. 

Routine midwife visit (update)

Yesterday was our 15/16 week routine midwife visit. Just went through the norms, my blood results from booking in came back fine for everything, then she took more blood for the Down’s screening, as the sonographer couldn’t get a measurement at our scan! I will get the results from that through the post. I told her about the bleeding I’d had, and that there’d been nothing since, so she was pleased about that. 

I mentioned about my headaches, she said I am safe to take 2 paracetemol, and if it doesn’t go after that then it is a “hormone headache”. I then decided that if it does disappear, then it must just be a husband headache! (Don’t tell him I said that!) I have only been taking half at once though so far, and it’s gone, so it must be the latter…

Next appointment is at 25 weeks, on the 29th November, when she will measure bump and listen in! Exciting! Though we have our 20 week scan before that so that is more exciting 🙂

Blood results

Today I went for my blood results to confirm my pregnancy… Well I am definitely pregnant! My GP also said that my hCG levels were exceptionally high for this stage of pregnancy, meaning that either the clomid has an effect on the levels, or there is more than one in there, eek…

We have our FC appt. on Tuesday anyway, so I will ask the consultant! The GP also said that he will probably discharge us as we don’t really need to attend any more.

And my booking in appt. with the midwife is on the 3rd August, I will be about 8.5 weeks then! Now things are steaming ahead I’m hoping it goes quick as I’m quite impatient!

It’s so hard keeping it quiet on Facebook too!