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I recently wrote about little man J at 2 years old, and briefly mentioned how he is coping with being a big brother. Since then he has come on a bit more too and is really getting used to it and helping more now. 

He does still get jealous sometimes and I have to make sure that I don’t leave him alone as we have near on had a couple of ‘incidents’ with him! Instead I take the brunt of it, as any Mummy would.

I mentioned that he likes to give him kisses – when he’s given N one and then I ask for one, half the time he won’t give me one now, like N is more worthy than Mummy! I think it’s quite cute actually.

As well as taking his nappies to the bin, he also fetches them now, as well the changing mat and baby wipes. If he could reach his clothes in the wardrobe I think he would fetch those too as when Daddy is here and changing N, I give them to J to take to Daddy and he gets really excited. 

They had their first bath together a couple of weeks ago and he helped to wash him which was really rather sweet.

Very recently he has also started attempted to give him his bottle; he tries shoving it in N’s mouth even when he doesn’t want it, but bless him, he’s only trying to help! When N has been sick or dribbled he wipes it up for him. 

And now he has started to help dress him too, though he tends to actually just place his clothes on top of him…

I didn’t think he would take to him immediately, which he didn’t, but he is slowly getting there and I am very proud of him. He is being a great big brother, as much as he can at his age.

Mumday Monday

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  1. It's great seeing their bond develop isn't it? There's 20 months between our two and the youngest is very nearly a year old now and his sister's love for him is really starting to shine through.
    Lovely post! x

  2. Ah, a lovely post! I remember when my kids started acting like nice elder sisters to their siblings. It was great. Thanks for linking up! #MumdayMonday

  3. It's so lovely to see him getting involved and developing that older sibling bond. My eldest took a while to 'take to' our youngest, but she got there and they are the best of friends now x

  4. I think as he'll get older, he'll become more and more the protective brother. What a lovely post #magicmoments

  5. I love your post! J is so adorable and all his actions to help is so sweet #magicmoments

  6. It is a lovely bond that will develop as they both grow

  7. Thank you all x

  8. awww honey i so love that photo of him helping bath thats so so cute!

    thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments x

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