Introducing ‘Berry’…

As I told you in last weeks diary, our dating scan was yesterday. I was feeling nervous all morning as I was worried that there was going to be something terrible, like no heartbeat. I knew deep down everything would be okay though, I’m just a natural worrier! 

Little man couldn’t come with us as small children aren’t allowed in the scan room just in case of you know what, so brother in law took him to the inlaws for us where we were going afterwards anyway. Once he had gone I filled up on water – I dread this bit as I have the weakest bladder at the best of times! Luckily when we we arrived they were only running around 10 minutes late so I sat on the edge of my seat until we were called through. When the sonographer took us to the ultrasound room, we turned a particular corner and I just knew where we going – the same room we went in to discover we had lost bean. I got very emotional at that point. 

I jumped up on the bed – well, not literally – very carefully making sure my bladder didn’t burst! I told her I was quite nervous as I’d had a miscarriage last year, and she was sympathetic. She asked if we had any more children, I told her we had a little boy of 16 months. I then had the gel put on and she got going – I couldn’t look at the screen just yet, not until she had told me the heartbeat was there. She said the words, and I was so relieved I shed a tear. I was so happy then and had a look. I saw what looked like a kidney bean! She measured me at around 9 weeks 5 days, so 3 days out from what I worked out – with little man I was only 2 days out so I’m not too bad at this! 

We have opted for the NT scan, but as I was only 9+5, berry was slightly too small to get the measurements so we have to go back at the end of next month. Of course I don’t mind though, it means we get an extra scan. 

So, say hello to berry! 

2 thoughts on “Introducing ‘Berry’…

  1. awww honey this is such fantastic news as i know going back in that room would of made it worse!! keep growing berry 🙂

    Thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments x

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