Steps to Take To Protect Your Garden

Steps to Take To Protect Your Garden

For a lot of people, their garden is their pride and joy. It is a sanctuary for you to relax, unwind, and create something beautiful but also never finished. That is the whole point, though. Considering how much time you spend in your garden, you want to ensure that none of your hard work goes to waste, and this means you need to take the correct steps to protect your garden from critters, creeps, and even your own clumsiness. 

But where do you start with protecting your garden? You don’t want to throw down repellents that could be accidentally ingested by the wrong animals. Instead, you need to think about more practical measures that add the protection you need for your garden. 

Secure and Sturdy Fencing

The best way to keep the creeps and critters out of your garden is to install fencing. You can use standard wood fencing, but it’s also worth considering how metal fencing can transform a garden, even if it might not blend into the greenery as much as you’d like. 

Regardless of which material you choose, fencing will be your first line of defence against anyone or anything trying to get inside that shouldn’t be. Immediately after installing the fence, you’ll find a noticeable drop in smashed flowerbeds and nibbled plants. 

For extra durability and longevity, make sure the fence is secure, and you cover up any gaps which could allow curious local wildlife to squeeze inside. 

Cameras and Lights

It may sound a little extreme at first, but if you find your garden consistently ruined after you spent all day getting it back to its best, then cameras and lights are a superb way to protect your garden from whoever, or whatever, likes to explore it during the night. 

Motion detecting lights are likely to startle both critters and creeps. The cameras, which can also activate when sensing motion, will give you the right idea of what is exploring your garden. From here, you can make further adjustments to your garden to mitigate the damage and ensure total protection from anything ruining your yard. If you discover particularly unwanted critters, exterminators in New York may be able to help you take your garden back!

Raised Beds and Pots

A lot of damage to plants and flower beds will happen because you keep everything at ground level. Do you know what else moves around at ground level? Wildlife. If you raise your plants and flowers from the ground, you will find that any damage is less severe even if the same animals find their way into your garden every night. 

You don’t need to invest in a large or expensive flower bed. You can get creative with pallets, old flower pots and string, poles, and more. As long as the plants and flowers are far enough off the ground, but still comfortable for you to tend to them, you can enjoy them for much longer without the need to replace them. 

Not So Tasty

One way to solve the daily disappointment of yet another nibbled leaf and absconded pepper is to replace your fruit, veg, and other plants with food that’s much less appealing to the critters taste buds. While animals are not known to be fussy, there are some plants that they won’t want to try again. 

These plants are fuzzy or come with intense aromas that don’t go well with the delicate sense of smell that many animals have. Furthermore, anything with prickles, such as nettles, are usually a no-go after the first experience. Holly, ornamental grass, and barberry should also keep your plants in excellent condition. 

While these plants may not be as exciting to grow, it will keep your garden in better condition, and you can alternate between plants along the patch to trick the animals into leaving your garden alone. 

Let The Mess Take Over

If you’ve got plenty of space in your garden, you can consider allowing the mess to take over. Let shrubs grow, allow the grass to get wild, and see how it benefits your garden.

The more opportunities there are for food around the perimeter of the garden, the less chance that animals will venture further to see what else is on the menu. With a plentiful supply of grass and other things to eat at the sides, you will protect your garden while also not needing to mow the lawn as often. 

From Critters to Creepers

Enjoying wildlife and embracing nature doesn’t mean you need to put up with a consistent assault on all the hard work you’ve made on your garden. While you are happy to welcome a squirrel here, or even a fox there, you also want to ensure that everything that you plant grows to its full potential. By using these safety measures, you’ll find that your garden flourishes much more than you ever thought possible. 

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  1. Thanks for telling me that installing a fence around my garden can protect it from possible creeps and critters. We’re trying to plant some crops in our backyard and we can’t seem to accomplish our goal if there are any nearby animals who are willing to attack and eat our plants. I’ll try to consult contractors and see what kind of fencing will help us protect our backyard from these animals.

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