Making Your Garden More Environmentally Friendly

meadow of wildflowers; Making Your Garden More Environmentally FriendlyImage credit – Pixabay

We all know we should be doing our bit for the planet, and making environmentally-friendly decisions wherever we can. From switching off the lights to choosing to travel by train rather than driving, everyone can make small changes that will ultimately benefit the planet. If you have a yard or outside space, there are some great ways you can make it, not just environmentally friendly, but actually a green space that makes a positive impact on the world we live in. Here are a few top suggestions.


It might sound a bit disgusting, but compost can really help transform your yard into a functional space. Not only that, but it will stop your food waste from going into landfill. Your kitchen scraps make great fertilizer for your plants in the garden, saving you money as well as helping the planet. Make sure you choose the right compost bin for the job – you are speeding up the natural process of decomposition so you end up with something like topsoil, that will naturally fertilize your garden and help your plants and flowers reach their full potential.


Not only is a wildflower meadow beautiful to look at, but it can really help butterflies and other insects in the local area, and attract them to your yard. There are so many benefits of this – one of them is that you can start a minibeast journal with your kids, encouraging them to draw and make notes about the new bugs and critters that are attracted to your yard. Not only that, but the first step to creating a wildflower meadow in your yard is actually the easiest – just stop mowing! If you like your flower beds and bushes, then you can always choose to just meadow a section of your yard, rather than the whole area.

Encourage the Wildlife

There are lots of animals that are protected, but you can turn your yard into a haven for protected species and provide a safe, natural habitat for them to live in. You might not have thought about encouraging bats, and if they roost in your house they can be difficult to get rid of and you need to complete this safely, by a reputable company such as However, purchasing a bat box and placing it at the far end of your garden, out of reach of predators, can give these little winged animals a safe place to roost and help out a protected species.

Bee Hotels

These are little, hive-live structures that will give you a bee-friendly yard. We all know that that bee population is dropping, and this is a worldwide concern. Making your yard a haven for bees is a positive step you can take. You can provide water, flowers, and a habitat for the bees, but purchasing a bee hotel will also give them a home. The reeds in the hotels provide a home for solitary bees to lay their eggs, increasing the population and also providing a safe space for native bees to live. 

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