4 Important Security Tips For Your Garden

Many people don’t realise that their garden is one of the most common entry points for burglars. This is a big problem because people spend a lot of time improving security around the home, but they neglect the garden and that makes it easier for burglars to get onto the property and get close to your house. The good news is, securing your garden is easy and your home will be a lot safer if you make these simple changes. 

4 Important Security Tips For Your GardenPixabay CCO License

Upgrade Fencing 

Improved fencing is the most important change to make because it stops anybody from getting in the garden and it acts as a great deterrent. If you have very small fences that are easy to climb over, or run down fences with loose panels, it’s easy for a burglar to get in. But if you install new fence palings around the perimeter and make sure that they are high enough, it is difficult for anybody to climb over and there won’t be any weak points. In most cases, a burglar will see a sturdy fence and that will be enough of a deterrent. If you are particularly concerned about people climbing over, you can use anti-climb paint or security spikes along the top of the fence for added protection. Make sure that you have a sturdy lock on the gate as well, so people cannot easily break it down. 

Plant Security Hedges 

If you have areas of the garden with hedges and you don’t want to replace them with a fence, you should consider planting some security hedges. These are hedges that are spiky and difficult to climb, so they provide a great barrier to stop intruders. This is a great option if you still want your garden to look great but also to be more secure.  

Add Some Lighting 

Security lights are another great deterrent that you can use to protect your garden from burglars. When somebody is trying to gain access to your garden and home, they don’t want to be seen. If you add some motion sensor security lights, it’s likely that they will run off as soon as they switch on. Some permanent lighting is also a good way to improve security while also making your garden look great. 

Secure Your Shed 

Many people forget about securing their shed when they are trying to protect their home from burglars, but it’s so important for a few reasons. Firstly, you may have expensive tools stored in there and burglars will just take them instead of trying to get into the house because it’s a lot easier for them. The tools in the shed can also be used to break into the house, so if you leave the shed unsecured, you are just helping out burglars. Old sheds with rotting wood are simple to break into, so it may be time for an upgrade. You also need to make sure that you are using a sturdy padlock that is not easily broken.

If you make these simple changes to your garden, you can protect it from intruders and keep your home secure. 

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