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At the beginning of this summer we decided that we’d like to spend more time outside in our garden; though it hasn’t been as good of one as last summer, has it? We are due a heatwave this weekend, but I’m not sure whether to “yay” or “nay” as the older I get, the worse I seem to be able to cope with the heat! (And the cold, for that matter).

We bought a new patio dining set a few months ago which I absolutely love and makes a great centrepiece to our patio.

Patio dining set

I’ve been gradually building up my plant collection and they were looking quite good and growing well; until we went on holiday at the beginning of the month and didn’t get watered, and now I’m trying to revive them! I managed to grab some more plants in the sale at our local garden centre so hopefully it will look a bit more summer garden soon. (Once I’ve pulled the weeds out too!). Garden maintenance is hard work really, when you think about it!

I have a bit of a gnome obsession growing – I currently own a unicorn, a gnome riding a unicorn, a dinosaur, a space gnome, a wizard and a diver! I’ve been trying to add a variety of other ornaments too, which I’ve recently been able to add to thanks to TJ Hughes.

TJ Hughes garden ornaments

Garden ornaments

Solar lighting has been on my to-buy list for quite a while so these solar powered buddha, chicken, and sheep really caught my eye. They make such pretty patterns in the evening and are ornamental during the day!

TJ Hughes solar buddha
TJ Hughes solar chicken

TJ Hughes solar chicken at night

TJ Hughes solar sheep

TJ Hughes solar sheep at night

The large metal peacock is purely ornamental but it’s stunning. I really like the fact that it’s a rust proof coating too so will hopefully last for years to come.

TJ Hughes ornamental peacock

Sun lounger

The only way I could finish off is with a sun lounger. This one folds up small for storing easily in our garden storage box. The boys have been fighting over it already, but I’m hoping we’ll still have some nice weather when they go back to school so I can chill & read in peace!

TJ Hughes sun lounger

For free regular delivery from the TJ Hughes website, use code SINTSSEPT19!

I was sent these items to include in this post but all thoughts & opinions are honest & my own.

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  1. I love those garden ornaments, especially the sheep! How cute. What a lovely addition to your garden x

    1. Thank you! I’m finally getting around to weeding it lol x

  2. Oh these are indeed some really good accessories… thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. Stacey
    Garden/ Patio redesign has always been my hidden passion. I love your choice of ornaments, in particular the peacock and the sheep that comes to life at night time which gives an additional beauty to the patio at night time.
    Thanks for posting.

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