The Pros and Cons of Having a Pool in Your Backyard

To many people, having a swimming pool can often be a sign of wealth and status. For others, it’s a convenient way to get exercise and relax when the weather is hot. Either way, a swimming pool can be an attractive and useful addition to your garden, but there are also some cons that we have to discuss as well.

In this article, we’ll be showing you a few pros and cons to having a pool installed in your backyard.

The Pros and Cons of Having a Pool in Your BackyardAre pools really as luxurious and useful as they seem? It depends on who you are. (Source)

Pros of owning a pool

  • It will transform your backyard – It should go without saying that a pool can completely transform your backyard and make it look much nicer and interesting. There are some beautiful pool designs that could give your backyard a complete makeover and make it look far more inviting and expensive.

  • It’s great for exercise – Swimming is a great way to exercise and having your personal pool is great for privacy and family exercise.

  • They last a long time – You can get surprisingly long-lasting pools with the right materials, such as fibreglass swimming pool lining. This will ensure your investment lasts a long time and doesn’t become a chore to manage in the future.

  • It’s luxurious – Pools can be designed to be incredibly luxurious and interesting if you have the right resources.

  • It’s great for parties – There’s nothing quite like a summer pool party with your closest friends and family members.

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Cons of owning a pool

  • Your insurance costs will soar – Let’s face it, getting a pool means that your insurance costs will climb, and hiding it from your insurance company isn’t a good idea.

  • Maintenance can be tiring – Cleaning the pool and replacing filters can get tiresome if you’ve got a relatively large pool. You can always pay someone else to do it, but the costs are nothing to pass off.

  • Hidden future expenses – You’ll be surprised at just how expensive it can be to run a swimming pool. From refilling it with water to running the filters, it uses a surprising amount of money.

  • Installation can be tricky – Your backyard needs to meet the perfect conditions in order for it to support a pool, and this can make installation rather tricky.

  • Safety is a concern – Safety is always going to be an issue with a pool, especially if you have young children. You’ll need to invest more money into keeping your pool safe, such as having a sturdy cover over it when you’re not using it and potentially building a little fence around it to avoid children from slipping in.

As you can see, swimming pools can offer you plenty of advantages, but the disadvantages are usually associated with money and effort. If you’re willing to spend the cash, then a pool in your backyard is an excellent addition that can transform your home’s exterior. However, if the time and money investment put you off, then perhaps it’s not the greatest idea yet.

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