Picking The Best Halong Bay Cruise

Picking the best Halong Bay cruise

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Vietnam is a magical country and with the government now positively encouraging tourism, millions of people are coming to Vietnam every year to explore all it has to offer. Before we go any further, it is important to highlight that Vietnam has three predominant regions that are popular with tourists, northern Vietnam, central Vietnam and southern Vietnam. This article will predominantly focus on northern Vietnam with the emphasis on the jewel in the crown of Vietnam tourism, Halong Bay.

It is relatively easy to book a Halong Bay cruise. The streets of Hanoi, where your flight will probably arrive, has countless numbers of travel agencies and hotels offering Halong Bay cruises at differing prices. In reality, many of these offered cruises are essentially the same thing and although you will see Halong Bay in all its glory, it will be essentially a budget tour with hundreds of similar boats all vying for the same viewpoints.

Picking the Right Cruise


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If you’d like to experience Halong Bay in comfort and really savour this once in a lifetime experience, there are ERA Cruises luxury overnight Halong Bay cruises that will give you the vistas that are simply not possible in other cruise operators. You can expect to be pampered for the duration of the cruise and with a knowledgeable guide, Captain and crew, this is an experience that will live long in the memory. The benefits of an overnight cruise should not be underrated, Halong Bay at sunset and sunrise really is a sight to behold.

Although the cruises you can buy from travel agents in Hanoi and Halong City are very affordable, you may feel rushed and uncomfortable, resulting in you not getting the very most from the cruise. If you shop around and study consumer reviews carefully, you may get lucky. Many people have reported having a fabulous time for a minimal outlay.


Like any overseas trip or in-country excursion, there is always the very small chance of an accident. You can minimise this risk significantly by carefully checking the boat beforehand and the number of passengers that are on the boat. Although nothing is risk free, it is important to make sure that no safety rules are being breached, you can then enjoy your cruise safe in the knowledge that both the boat is safe and the crew are competent and experienced. A fully comprehensive travel insurance policy from your home country is essential and should be at the very top of your list when visiting Vietnam. Although advanced medical assistance is available, it could get expensive in the absence of insurance.

Picking your Cruise Tour Operator

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When it comes to selecting your operator for your Halong Bay cruise, it essentially boils down to two factors, how much you want to pay and what you want to actually get out of the experience. For the majority of people, a trip to Vietnam is not a regular occurrence, so if you can, go for luxury rather than budget.

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