Around the world in 2018 | a luxury travel bucket list

Destination2 travel bucket list

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Though the title says, as much as I would love to travel around the world in 2018, it most definitely is not going to happen. In fact, we haven’t even travelled out of the UK for almost ten years. So the boys have never been abroad, but I would love to broaden their travel horizons and give them some amazing experiences. Even myself, I’ve only been as far as the Canary Islands, and that’s when I was a teenager. So yeah, quite a while ago…

The lovely people over at Destination2 have asked me to put together a travel bucket list for 2018; though this is likely to blend into many many years. As much as I love taking the boys on holiday, when they’re all grown up and left home, we will be back to grown up trips away – the relaxing type 😉 It wasn’t hard for me to come up with a bucket list, as I am constantly adding to places I would love to visit, in my head!

The Maldives

The Maldives was a super luxury option for our honeymoon. Alas, we only had a minimoon in the end, but I would love to visit for a really late honeymoon; as they say, better late than never! It’s actually our ten year wedding anniversary in July, so it would be amazing to visit then. What attracts me so much to The Maldives is the super light sand and the stunning blue water. I can just imagine us having moonlit walks on the beach, and lazing in the ocean; pretending to be newlyweds again!

The Maldives island

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The Husband is a huge F1 fan and after I met him, I became one too. One of Jacob’s middle names is a nod to a British driver who won the race the day I went into labour! We would watch races together every weekend, and talk about which races we’d love to go and watch. Singapore was high on that list; with the bright lights of the night race, and obviously not forgetting the culture it has to offer.

Singapore skyline

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Hong Kong

This is a destination I would love to travel to with my mum. My grandad was in the army and was stationed in a few places, one being Hong Kong. My mum was born there but left as a youngster so didn’t have chance to experience life living there; I’d love to take her back to where she was born. It’s also on my travel bucket list for a culinary adventure.

Hong Kong neon signs in street

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You can find information on all of these and more on the Destination2 destinations page.

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