Love A BBQ? Here’s How To Build A Party Garden For The Summer

It’s nice to eat out in the garden from time to time, but what if you fancy hosting a few more outdoor parties this year? Well, you’re going to need a BBQ friendly garden to host them in. But designing the lawn and yard space available can be a little tricky; it’s hard to make use of natural nooks and crannies when you’ve got anything from a dining set, pergola, and outdoor kitchen to fit in! But if your heart is set on it, let’s get the concept off to a great start with the design tips down below.

close up of a charcoal barbecue with grey and black coal and flames

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Getting A Little More Use Out Of Your Garden

Do you feel like you’re always putting work into your garden, but perhaps not getting enough enjoyment out of it? If you have been tending to and creating a gorgeous garden, then you should enjoy the benefits of it just as much as anyone else, rather than simply letting it act as some curb appeal. Here, we’re going to look at a few steps that can make your garden a lot easier to spend more time in and to really enjoy.

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5 Spectacular Flowers For Your Garden

5 Spectacular Flowers For Your Garden


There are few sights more instantly uplifting than a garden full of beautiful blooms in a rainbow assortment of colours, not to mention different shapes and sizes. While flowers have their own vital uses for the plants that produce them, they also offer a range of important benefits for the people who grow, cut, and admire them. In fact, did you know that flowers can not only bring us happiness but can even reduce stress and boost our productivity, purely through the act of admiring their vibrant beauty?

If you’re keen to tap into that healing ‘flower power’ and introduce some striking new blooms to your backyard, here are 5 truly show-stopping flowers guaranteed to grace any garden. Read more

3 Tips For Creating An Outdoor Dining Area

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Outdoor dining areas are splendid additions to the home that brings a new dimension to family life. Instead of crowding around a dining table indoors, you can take your meals outside and enjoy the wonderful weather every evening. Sure, you might not get the benefits of your outdoor dining area during the winter, but it’s still worth it for the long spring and summer months.

If you’re keen to create an area to dine outside, here are three really useful tips to keep in mind: Read more

5 Tips for Lighting Up Your Garden

a string of bulb lights hanging in front of garden greenery; 5 Tips for Lighting Up Your Garden

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One of the areas of gardening that is often neglected is lighting. Most of us enjoy spending lots of time in our gardens, and that often extends into those long, warm evenings that we are sometimes lucky enough to experience. That means we need good lighting to make us feel safe and comfortable.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the best tips for maintaining a light, bright garden even when the evenings come around: Read more