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Lock. key. top home security tips

When we lived in our previous three homes we were very hot on making sure our home was secure, as we lived on an estate notorious for crime. We even used to lock the door when we were inside, just in case. I absolutely hated our rooms facing onto the road or path, for people to see what we had; call me paranoid, but it was to be expected! Since we’ve moved to our forever home in a quiet rural village we have been a lot more relaxed. After a few attempted break ins a few months ago though, I realised we needed to step our home security up a little. 

A (guard) dog

You might be like, huh? But in all seriousness, since we’ve had Barney and people hear him barking, they don’t automatically come through our gate without asking about him! Not that he’d do anything other than sniff or lick them to death… Of course this may not be a great help if you had a quiet dog, but it may just put people off. It’s worth remembering though, some people may find themselves needing legal help from a solicitor such as David Philips Partnership if their dog bit a potential intruder.


Door locks

Obviously we all have a door lock, but if you live in a higher crime area you might want to consider multiple locking options. We only have a barrel lock at this house, but in one of our previous homes we had a yale lock and a chain lock (as well as a spy hole which I admittedly overused to be nosy!). I’m guilty of leaving the doors unlocked if I’m just going to a neighbours house or walking the dog, but it’s important to make sure your doors are locked in situations such as leaving the house and overnight.

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Security cameras

Having home security cameras doesn’t have to be expensive; you can buy them for less than £20 on deal sites nowadays and install them yourself. Of course you need to think about how many you’d like and where you want them; whether they would be visible to only you, or be a visible warning to intruders. We currently own an indoor one which we received free with this year’s home insurance renewal.

Security camera

How do you keep your home safe & secure?

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